Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shaken, Stirred Or On The Rocks.

Kelley told me she was divorced when we first met. She was sitting alone at the corner bar with a sad expression on her face, absently poking at an over-cooked steak and drinking beer with shots of whiskey. She asked me what I did for a living and I told her that I had just lost my job and had decided to spend my last twenty dollars on getting drunk. When I sobered up, I'd apply for unemployment, but first I needed to get hammered. She laughed and I knew I'd made an instant friend.

She bought me a round to "celebrate" and within a few minutes she was using her fork to hand-feed me bites of her steak. She took me home to her nice suburban split-level that night and I stayed there for a few wonderful days, drinking and screwing and not really caring about much else. Eventually she brought me back to my dismal abode, which she announced "needed a woman's touch".  Kelley planted pansies in the flowerbox outside my apartment, took down my tattered old band posters  and told me to get some paintings. It was good advice and my life began to brighten. I stared caring about things that single men often overlook, like having matching silverware and a shower-curtain that isn't moldy.

Kelley had a nice house but it had the aura of  strong male presence lingering in it, a guitar she didn't play, a toiletries kit in the bathroom and clothes in the closet...in hindsight it should have bugged me that she had chosen to keep so many of her ex-husband's possessions around but at the time I was just glad to have a guitar around her house and didn't give it much thought until  one night just a few weeks after we met when she called me in a panic and told me not to come over that night, to stay home instead.

Oh. OK.

The next day she called me at my new job and told me between sobs that she loved me but couldn't see me any more. She didn't say so, but I got the impression her husband was back.She was good to her word and I haven't seen her since then.

I will be more careful next time. No more married women.

That vow lasted about ten years. I should have known better the second time, but this time it was the most beautiful woman in all the world and we were deeply, hopelessly in love; I knew she would leave her husband soon and all I had to do was stay patient and true and our love would win the day... she did leave her husband, but not for me- she left  him for a third man.

The third and hopefully last time, I just didn't care. My new friend didn't want to know much about me  except that I was from out of town, but she didn't try to hide her marriage from me, in fact she she very colorfully described her husband's dysfunction to me, a revelation which I found off-putting- but not off-putting enough, apparently.

I didn't give a damn about morals at that point, I was still in a state of broken-hearted shock from the end of my previous affair and I was overflowing with anger and stockpiled sexual energy and needed some internal human combustion and controlled explosions ; I felt rough and  luckily my new friend liked it that way, so we got along very, very well as far as that goes.

There was no plan to communicate afterward but she  is smart and easily  found me on-line; after a few exchanges and a hastily retracted invitation, it was determined that we really don't get along in any non-sexual sense of the word and communication was halted with no animosity, just a vague sadness on my part.

I think maybe it is better that way.


Two FABULOUS new  shows for your listening pleasure:


 Issac Hayes- I Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Gong- Fohat Digs Holes In Space

Traffic- Shanghai Noodle Factory

Moody Blues- Legend of a Mind

Talking Heads- Drugs

Phil Manzenara- Miss Shapiro

Brian Eno- Back In Judy's Jungle

Ozric Tentacles
- Chinatype

Fleetwood Mac- Emerald Eyes

Jefferson Airplane- Turn My Life Down

Ten Years After
- Hard Monkeys

Marianne Faithfull- She

Stranglers- Ice Queen

Iron Butterfly
- Are You Happy?

King Crimson
- One More Red Nightmare

Steve Hillage- Light In The Sky

Crack The Sky
- Lighten Up McGraw

Atomic Rooster- People You Can't Trust

Magazine- Honeymoon Killers

Moby Grape- Murder In My Heart For the Judge

Stills/Kooper- It Takes a Lot to Laugh,It Takes a Train to Cry

Savoy Brown- Leavin' Again

Cop Shoot Cop- Two At A Time


Ozric Tentacles- Floating Seeds

John Cale & Brian Eno- Spinning Away

Carpenters- Superstar

Hawkwind- Take Me To Your Leader

Jim Protector- The Distance

Pink Frost- The Sun

Peter Blegvad- When Work Was New

Freelance Whales- Broken Horse

Al Stewart- Modern Times

Zerfas- I Don't Understand

Black Pepper Sea- Jackson's Car

Monster Rally/Gong/Faust/Tangerine Dream- Mash-up

Steve Hackett- A Tower Struck Down

The Bitter Tears- Starlight

Green Man- A Conversation With Death

Can- I'm So Green

Taxi To The Ocean- Bombshell

The Kinks- Complicated Life

Ozric Tentacles- Sacred Turf




billy pilgrim said...

how about the who for you next show.

i won't get fooled again.

Craig D said...

So what are you trying to say?

Moldy shower curtains are bad..?