Saturday, July 09, 2011

Don't Let Them Grind You Down


What the hell is wrong with all the men I meet, you think.

Why can't I meet a guy who isn't a total creep? Someone that I'm not ashamed to be seen in public with? The last guy called me the wrong name three times in a row and then invited me to his motel room for christ's sake. Is it me?

Nah. It's not you. You're fine. The problem is me.

You haven't met me yet- that's the problem.

See ya soon.

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Sparks- Fletcher Honorama

Hot Tuna- Easy Now

Jethro Tull- Singing All Day

Ray Manzarek- Begin the World Again

Lou Reed- Oooh Baby

Roy Harper- Cherishing The Lonesome

Taxi To The Ocean- Simple Mood

Jean-Luc Ponty
- Cosmic Messenger

The Tubes- Haloes

The Kinks- Sleepwalker

Phil Manzanera- Big Day

Niav- Money Gods

Jeannine Hebb- Just Enough For Me

Fleetwood Mac
- For Your Love

The Band- Where Do We Go From Here?

Neil Young- I've Been Waiting For You

Jen Foster- Sunday Drive

KGB- Working For The Children

Melanie- Got My Mojo Workin'

Dresden Dolls- Girl Anachronism

Al Stewart- Constantinople

Area 27- Driving With The Future Self

Astronauts of Antiquity- Beautiful Fate

Electric Prunes- Finders Keepers

Cat Dail- White Chicks in Jamaica

Garbage- The Trick Is to Keep Breathing



someday your prince/princess will come.

Susan said...

True. They need to meet you. Whenever I hear my female friends insist that there are no good men, I point out that I have several male friends who are the best.

I think it all has to do with expectations versus direct experience. A lot of people have a laundry list of criteria that they want in a partner. When a doesn't get a check mark in most to all categories, b chooses to move on. Direct experience is letting it happen. Then b may find out that the check list doesn't matter.

Angel said...

I like! I like! I like!