Monday, November 14, 2011

November The Dozenth


Originally aired on WRIR 97.3 FM Richmond



Pink Floyd- Up The Khyber

Melomane- Dreams of Ships and Lightning

Taxi To The Ocean- Flag On The Moon

Tadpoles- Race To The Mustard Patch

Oingo Boingo- Run Away

Stranglers- Toiler On The Sea

XTC- Life Is Good In The Greenhouse

Of Montreal- Death Is Not A Parallel Move/Beware Our
              Nubile Miscreants

Joan As Policewoman- Kiss The Specifics

Ray Manzarek- Downbound Train

Pink Frost- Who I Belong To

Roxy Music- Would You Believe

Sparks- This Is The Renaissance

Area 27- Driving With The Future Self

Capt. Beefheart- Peaches

Michelle Malone- Teen Lament

Neil Young- Come on Baby, Let's Go Downtown

Cat Dail- Future Fridays

Steve Hillage- Sea Nature

HuDost- Skeleton Key

Cecile Corbel- Suil a Ruin

The Purrs- Stay With Me

Cardiacs- Leader of the Starry Skies

Jeannine Hebb- I Believe

The Fierce and the Dead- 10'X 10'

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