Saturday, May 29, 2004

I Had No Choice

I put up with so many indignities on a daily basis that it's hard to focus rage on the present without having my head explode from the sheer overwhelming hell of it all.
So here's a blast from the past- a battle I won, although not without sacrifice:
Seven years ago I took a job at a realty office, running credit checks,data entry and drafting leases and other office crap. Seemed OK for about fifteen minutes. Good pay, insurance etc ...
Then I met the Boss. If Ross Perot and Gollum produced a love child using their DNA, John Birch's stem -cells and Ann Coulter's womb it would be saintly and charismatic in comparison to this Boss.

A role-model for slum-lords,petty tyrants and venomous, fascist insects everywhere.
His first words to me -"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?"

"The phone log ?", I lamely replied,referring to the fact that he was pointing at the phone log .
"NO!THIS!", he raged ,changing color to match the hideous Sharpie-red carpet-eyes rolling like a 4'11" drunken chameleon.He used a marker to "X" out a 7 I had logged into the book. (I have always crossed my sevens)
" A phone number?", I meekly replied, unsure of what the fuck this was all about.
"It's a French seven!", he said.

"It's a French seven?",I ventured.

"WRITE LIKE A GODDAMN AMERICAN FROM NOW ON", he screamed,applying an unwelcome drizzle of patriotic spittle to my eyeglasses. The things we'll endure for money...
A week later a nice couple came in to sign a lease, they had sterling credit and great references. I prepared a lease for them.
While I was in the back office the Boss told me to deny them.
Idiotically, I asked "Why?"
"Because we don't approve of that here!" He used words I won't repeat.
Then it dawned on me-the man was black and the woman was white-that just wasn't proper for the Boss morality.
"Yes, sir!" I said , playing the fool.
I printed out the lease and presented it to the couple.

" Over the wishes of my boss, I'm offering you a lease. By the way -he told me not to rent to you because you are a mixed-race couple.I'm quitting right now and I suggest we leave together without signing this". We did, although the applicants looked at me like I was crazier than my boss. Perhaps I am- but I'll never be as evil as that Boss. He was hateful and small and meaningless;evil with a lower-case e.
Three days later a local news station received anonymous documentation of a local slumlord's crimes -resulting in over a million dollars worth of housing code violation fines and fees.

A rash of lawsuits ensued Company? Bankrupt and gone.

I nearly pissed myself when I watched this on TV, I laughed so hard.

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