Saturday, May 22, 2004

Squinting into the Abyss

Ever have the feeling that somewhere, something is going horribly wrong,and it is gonna change your life in an unforeseen, but inevitably negative sense?
Do you ever not have that feeling?
How much horror and hatred do we need in our lives anyway? Apparently we've not yet satiated our appetite for despair.
More torture. More death. More de-humanizing destruction. Everywhere.All the time.
Is this progress? History repeats itself- but this time it's streaming at us on broadband.
Here in America we've been warned to watch out for potential suicide bombers.People carrying almanacs or maps.Suspicious behavior. I see suspicious behavior every day, and it's not the guy in the alley hitting his crack stem.
We know what he's about.He's not plotting to draft my younger friends and relatives, of this I'm sure. He might steal my car stereo, but he's not gonna touch my Social Security.
I don't know about you, but by the time I notice the guy next to me is wearing a belt of grenades under his London Fog it's already too fucking late.
How the hell are we supposed to be happy, experience love, and feel a sense of wonder at the beauty of it all when we're kept in a constant state of fear and anxiety about everything?
Well, there's always the Internet.
The Net allows me to realize just how isolated and disconnected we've become -while still allowing me to obsess over anything we're capable of fucking up-which is everything.
What fun!

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