Friday, June 04, 2004

Explain ,Please...

My Blogger ads are for suppliers of prosthetic limbs and contain links to "love song lyrics". What's the connection here? Whatever it is I'm missing, it, mercifully, is not a limb.
The last time I checked, the only body part that needs replacing is my heart -in a metaphorical, not a medical sense.
If you are one of the nearly half-dozen (OK, quarter-dozen) people who have read any of my ravings without clicking away in abject horror,chances are you have as little use or interest in "love song lyrics" as I do-which is none.
Many years ago I had a short fling with a really cool woman, she could play guitar with me and everything. Cat's meow! We were jamming together one night when I started playing this really (i thought)sweet love song I wrote for her.She put her guitar away and ran out the door faster than I've ever seen anyone move. She moved to San Francisco a couple days later and I've never seen or heard from her since.
A few years later a very similar incident occured;since then, just typing "love song lyrics" is nearly enough to cause me to break out in hives.
Letters of recommendation,birthday cards and notes of encouragement are as close as I'll ever come to making that mistake again.
Until the next time .

SMACKS SELF ON HEAD: Duh. The ads must use the same type program that G-Mail uses to read your e-mail and decide what products are right for you. How very reassuring.

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