Friday, June 25, 2004

Final Post

My cube is cleared out and all my office sundries packed. Next step:Packing up the workstation and driving across town to my new assignment. I can't believe they're letting me put an expensive computer, fax machine and a box of blank Company checks into my car and trusting me to actually show up at the other office.
I should just go home , use their computer to print $999,999.99 of checks made out to me and flee the country before it's too late.
Maybe my next post will be from the Cayman Islands.
I wonder if they let you blog from prison?

Nah. I'm hoping the re-location to a new office will be a nice change of pace.
Although after what just happened, I might be coming back out here more often than I thought. Heh. Heh. Can't tell you about that right now. Maybe later, from home. Heh,heh,heh. My back hurts.

Now it's time to clear all my "cookies" so the new IT person doesn't find out what a truly horrible person I am.


Uyanga said...

Hey! Why can't WE have company checks?!

Allan said...

You didn't bribe me enough. I know how you Gubbermint types are.