Thursday, June 24, 2004

What is a "Relationship"? What's a "Link"?

I drive through the same toll-booth at least twelve times a week. I often see the same cashier at my local market. The manager at my favorite liquor store used to buy comics from me.
Do I have a relationship with these people? I don't know where they live. I don't sleep, eat, fight or go to the movies with them. If you really wish to push semantic technicalities, you could say I have a relationship with them. It's a stretch, though.

If the girl who sold me my new eye-glasses decides to go home and use a chain-saw to dismember her boyfriend; do I have a relationship with a psycho-killer? I there a link between myself and improper chainsaw safety habits?

If you apply the Bushites tortured logic to this hypothetical situation, I'd be pre-emptively imprisoned to prevent any possible murders I might one day commit. Or at least held up as an anti-safety scapegoat the next time some poor unfortunate loses a body part to a mishandled wood-cutter.

This administration's lies are blatant,repetitive, well-documented,often contradictory and more dangerous than drunken chain-saw juggling.(Don't try this at home)
Even normally moderate and polite liberals are writing angry indictments about the Truth, the White House and the fact no one has seen them together for at least three and a half years.
I'm not moderate, polite or liberal, so I've been trying to get people to wake up and smell the cordite for years.

Just because I'm a paranoid crackpot doesn't mean I'm wrong.


tif said...

thanks for visiting my blog :)
see you around

Canopenner said...

ick political stuff.


Im voting libertarian.

Allan said...

I think 2008 may be the first year that a third party stands a chance in a Presidential election. It's doubtful that Kerry is "going to set the world on fire" if he's elected,but with any luck he'll muddle through without throwing gasoline on the flames already in place. As it stands, there are no viable third party candidates, so voting for anyone but Kerry is a vote for the status quo.

Allan said...

So is a vote for Kerry, just the lesser evil.

Uyanga said...

Do you realize that Mohammed Atta ate at Pizza Hut on the night of September 10, 2001? And do you further realize that the headquarters of Pizza Hut's parent, Yum! Brands, is right here in Louisville? The very city in which Tom Cruise attended high school? The self-same Tom Cruise who danced in his underwear in Risky Business? NOW do you see how global terrorism and kiddie p0rn feed off each other?! =X

Allan said...

Yeah I do. That's why I never, ever sleep and don't wear underwear when I dance.