Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Lifetime of Presidents

I've lived long enough to clearly remember seven American Presidents. Next year I hope it's eight.
The seven:

Nixon: It's hard to say anything nice about ol' Tricky Dickie. I don't like things that require effort, so I'll not even try.
In 1968 Nixon pledged to end the war in Viet Nam. He did this by bombing the shit out of Cambodia and dropping napalm over North Viet Nam on Christmas day. Six years later we finally escaped, without winning and without dignity. He was a paranoid alcoholic who surrounded himself with scheming yes men and war-profiteers. He drew up 'enemies lists' and considered dissenters to be America-hating commie sympathizers. Every day seemingly brought another White House scandal to light. Sound familiar?

Ford:Fell down some stairs. Pardoned many criminals,including his former boss. That's about it for Ford.

Carter: Easily the nicest guy in the bunch. Actually, the only nice guy in the bunch. He tried to be honest with the public, which was a really bad idea. Congress hated him. Iran took hostages and his rescue attempt was a disaster(it was really a pretty gutsy plan).The Reagan GOP made a secret deal with the Iranians not to release the hostages, sealing Carter's fate.Nice guy-lousy politician.

Reagan: Iran released the hostages on his inaugural day. I think the Iranians thought the American public would be suspicious of this 'coincidence'.Boy, were they wrong. Reagan supported South Africa's apartheid regime and fought against AIDS research, calling it the "gay cancer". He spent trillions on the military,allowing us to be safe from Grenada. He used the phrase,"homeless by choice" when explaining drastic cuts to social programs.His cabal traded weapons to Iran in exchange for some other hostages, sold WMD to Saddam, who was at war with Iran at the time, and sent arms and cash to the Contra rebels even though Congress expressly forbid doing so. He pissed off the world by authorizing the mining of Nicaraguan harbors and used CIA C-130's to airlift cocaine into the U.S. His wife's "War on Drugs" made marijuana expensive and scarce, but made cocaine cheap and plentiful. Before Iran-Contra no one had even heard of 'crack'.
He thought ICBMs could be recalled once launched.The Space Shuttle blew up.
We are lucky we survived the eighties.
At least he had sense enough to realize his tax-cuts were ruining the economy, so he reversed them.

Bush 41: Fought in WW2 and almost died. Allowed Saddam to invade Kuwait, then kicked his ass out. Encouraged Iraqi factions to revolt and then withdrew U.S. support for the rebellion he fomented. In all, the legacy of Reagan's "voodoo economics" (Bush's description) proved to be his downfall in 1992. The single worst thing he ever did was have children.

Clinton: Had the intelligence and charisma to be a great philosopher-king and the two-faced slipperiness needed to be a great used car salesman. Congress hated him, but they hated his wife even more. Had a shaky start, losing Congress to the GOP in 1994, but rebounded and turned the Reagan deficit into the greatest budget surplus America has ever seen.
When asked about marijuana use in his youth he replied "I didn't inhale". That lie said a lot about the character of this brilliant but deeply flawed man. When the whole blow-job affair blew open he lied again.
He should have just said, "yeah,I did her. So what?" That would have stopped a lot of his attackers cold. He was chastised for trying to kill Osama bin Laden -his detractors said it was to cover-up Monicagate. Probably could have nailed Osama if he hadn't been so busy getting impeached.
The worst thing he did was give Rush and the ditto-monkeys something to rant about. They're still doing it today.
If anything goes wrong, ever, it's Clinton's fault.

Bush 43: More evil than Nixon, a bigger liar than Clinton, more hawkish than Reagan and dumber than a bag of hammers. As Helen Thomas so succintly put it:"Worst President Ever". This smirking,nasty and un-informed man is little more than a hood ornament for the Military-Industrial Complex war profiteers that created, and now surround him.
In under one term he's managed to severely damage almost every foreign alliance we have, bankrupt the nation, re-distribute wealth upwards to those who need it least and embroil us in a war based on ideology and oil-profits .This war has no end. Has yet to tell the truth about anything, which is the key to his success. Seemingly every day brings a new scandal or exposes a new lie. He's a paranoid alcoholic who surrounds himself with scheming sycophants and corporate criminals , makes 'enemies lists' and considers dissenters to be America-hating terrorist sympathizers. The Space Shuttle blew up. His greatest accomplishment as Preznit was setting a White House record for vacation days taken in a single year. His worst accomplishment is everything else.


Uyanga said...

I remember LBJ, kinda. Actually remember Tet Offensive, MLK and RFK assassinations, and the Presidential campaign better than LBJ himself. JFK assassination was my very earliest memory, and then only because of my mother's reaction. X-x

Allan said...

The '69 moon landing is my earliest memory-for the same reason, although much happier.