Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Breaking News

The 9/11 commission just realized what any informed person has known for years.
Three years isn't so long.
It took the Vatican 400 years to admit that the Earth revolves around the Sun, and not the other way around. They did this in 1992.

Guess what? The State Dept. released a report showing terrorist attacks to be at a 30-year low. Huh? How can that be ? Shit is being blown up everywhere, all the time-how can terrorism be on the decline? I'm not sure how they worked this miracle , but the Bush administration took credit for it.
Oops. They had it backwards. Terror is at an all time high instead.I wonder if Bush will take credit for that? He should-it's his baby.
Colin Powell said it wasn't political book-cookin', it was just a result of incompetence.How reassuring.
I suppose the State Dept. can't afford to run a Lexis/Nexis search or hire a fact-checker. I imagine some anonymous clerk will get fired in yet another display of Bush-league accountabilty.
Don't they realize that releasing poorly scrutinized information and brazen falsehoods can lead to really bad stuff?
Like pointless and costly wars overseas and giant steps towards a Police State at home.

You bet they do.

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