Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mercenaries, De-regulated

Contractors who carry automatic rifles, wear body armor,operate in combat zones and conduct interrogations inside military prisons aren't really contractors at all. The correct term is mercenary.
The de-regulation of industry and the privatization of the public sector, especially when applied to the military, can lead to some harsh and unforeseen consequences.
Bush's war against Iraq could lead to the mother of all class-action suits.

Question: If this war is so 'just' , and has such overwhelming support at home, then how come the military recruitment offices don't have young Americans lined up around the block,waiting to enlist?

Question: We are paying Halliburton billions of dollars for (among many other less mundane things) truck-drivers,janitorial workers and cafeteria help. Aren't there any Iraqis who can drive trucks,mop floors or flip burgers?
I realize there are certain dis-advantages to hiring people who hate you and wish you were dead, but if we had put the 70%-90% of innocent "detainees" into Burger King uniforms instead of Abu-Ghraib hoods and hand-cuffs, maybe they wouldn't hate us so much.Maybe they'd hate us more,but I doubt it. In any case, we'll never know.

Question: If being commander-in-chief during the "war on terra" places Bush above domestic and international law, is not the same privilege extended to all heads-of-state? What if North Korea declares "war on terra" and flattens Seoul? When 'Glorious Leader' is dragged to the Hague for his war crimes trial, could he use the 'Bush Defense' to exonerate himself?

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