Thursday, June 10, 2004

Packing List-Then and Now

What a difference fifteen years makes. This year I'm packing for an upcoming road trip two days in advance. In 1989 I would pack two hours in advance. The contents are a bit different as well.

Then:Guitar, Bass, amplifier, many cables, extra strings, picks and FX pedals.
Now: Punk rock mix CD's to help keep me awake

Then:Call "Shotgun!"
Now:Change oil,check tires,make insurance payment.

Then:One clean tie-dyed t-shirt, two pairs of clean underwear, four clean socks. Forgot my damn toothbrush.
Now:Two changes of clothes for each day of travel,at least one clean tie. Forgot my damn toothbrush.

Then:1/4 lb. weed,1 oz. magic mushrooms,1/2 oz. cocaine,100 hits of acid,1 bottle Jaegermeister, 2 cases cheap beer,travel bong,case of condoms.
Now: 1 refill Tylenol #3,1 plastic 'travel bottle' Smirnoff vodka,3 library books,1 fifteen year-old condom.

Then: Polaroid camera, spiral-bound notebooks,demo tapes of current band.
Now: Digital camera,spiral-bound notebooks, updated job resume.


Lyzard said...

ooh ooh where you gonna be?

Allan said...

Behind a booth at Hero Con comic book convention in Charlotte ,NC. Doing surreptitious shots of tequila out of a Lipton tea bottle in a huge room full of people dressed like Klingons. I have a bizarre life.

Lyzard said...

Not bizarre, just slightly geeky... we can smell our own.