Monday, June 07, 2004


Music makes life bearable. I went home early from work yesterday ,turned up the volume to an un-neighborly level, changed clothes and bounced around my apartment like a manic monkey. London's Calling! Jump up and down!
Then I plugged in my guitar and felt even better. I hurt my thumb a few weeks ago and haven't been able to play at all, which has been driving me (even more) insane. Played for a long time. So long that I missed the the midnight beer-sales deadline.
Wound up drinking those wine coolers that've been sitting in the back of my fridge since my last date, which I think was around 1989.
Bad idea.
This damncube is a bad place to be hung-over.
I wish I could bring my guitar to work. Next weekend I will, since I'm the only person in the entire office and I literally have nothing at all to do except wait for the phone to ring.
It never does.


Lyzard said...

One of the best things about my new apartment is that my roommate runs strummernews which means I now have access to one of the largest Clash and Joe Strummer related music, magazines and book collections in the world.

And regarding beer at work, at my old job I used to bring a coffee mug with more Bailey's than coffee to my damn cube and I found that helped immensely.

Allan said...

That's really cool. I followed that link from your site. When Joe died, NPR played a song he had written in memory of Johnny Cash. I had to pull over to the road-side and just sit for a while. A long, long time.
Kudos to the roomie and a toast to Joe!
I know all about the thermos, but I am more afraid of the drive home than I am of getting caught at work. I'm getting laid-off any day now anyway. Looking for a job really sucks, but you already know that.

Uyanga said...

A Bloody Mary would be awesome right now, if only this job didn't involve driving...