Sunday, June 06, 2004

This is News?

Ronald Reagan Died.
Am I supposed to cry or something?
The first vote I ever cast was against Reagan. I went to Washington DC for Rock-Against-Reagan demonstrations .
Iran/Contra. Huge deficits. A swollen, pustulent and corrupt Government ,wars in tiny dictatorships to raise campaign funds and fill the coffers of war-profiteer corporate cronies. Does this sound familiar? There's been an exponential increase in GOP corruption and greed-fueled bloodlust since Nixon was in office.
Nixon got caught on tape, resigned and was pardoned by Gerald Ford.
Reagan got caught, over and over, and got re-elected. Oliver North got a talk show and a book deal. Bush #41 granted pardons.
Now it seems that an evil necromancer has resurrected Bonzo , removed Reagan's brain and transplanted it into the vacant skull of that poor dead chimp.
Creating Bush Junior.
There's a 48% chance you voted for this Frankenstein-like mockery of a president. If you voted.
But you didn't,did you?
If you don't vote this year, don't complain to me when you get drafted and sent to 'liberate' Syria.
Eisenhower warned us of this. He's dead and I'm not. So I'm passing on the warning.
Ignore it at your own peril.


Uyanga said...

What I can't figure out is why /anybody's/ sad about it. Do his admirers wish he was still lying around in a vegetative state?

Lyzard said...

Personally, my roommate and I considered it the perfect occasion to kick back a few beers and and say "Good Riddance." If there's a Hell, I trust that there he will be painstakingly reminded of all the atrocities he took part in and blissfully forgot in his old age.