Saturday, July 24, 2004

Give it Back

Give me back my Flag!

You bastards have usurped Old Glory and turned it into a symbol of Empire, Intolerance and Greed. It's used as a tacit endorsement of senseless war. It now signifies unquestioning loyalty to the rich white men's party line.  Don't use my flag as an excuse to burn crosses. Don't use it as an excuse to burn flags , either. Show some goddamn respect.

It's supposed to be a symbol of freedom. Freedom as defined in such documents as :

-The Declaration of Independence

-The Constitution

-The Bill of Rights 

September 1, 1939.  Germany launches a pre-emptive strike on Poland,  after convincing the German public that the Poles posed a grave threat to the "Fatherland".

The Poles had mounted cavalry armed with pistols and sabers and the Germans had tanks and Stuka dive-bombers. 

Six years and millions of lives later, our flag prevailed. It became an international symbol of freedom. Our former enemies were now our friends.

Sadly, our former allies became our enemies. Watch out for those Communists. Duck and Cover!
They hate our freedom! Your neighbor may be a 'Red'. Be alert! Be aware! Live in fear! Missiles! Cold War! Bomb Shelters!

Sound familiar? 

We aren't the good guys anymore. "But Saddam tortured way more people than we did!", you exclaim.

That's not good enough for America. We need to lead by example, not rule by force and intimidation. We have done it before, and I believe we can do it again.

But not with Bush.



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