Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Wow.Didn't have to drink myself into oblivion last night. Not a drop. My job sucks a lot less when I'm not feeling sick. I'm gonna lay off the hooch for a while. I've got better things to do, at least for this week.

Even after missing a day,I've got nothing to do at work. People are being nicer to me today, they can tell I'm feeling groovy and it's rubbing off a bit on them.

Having a major blackout worries me. I shouldn't touch hard liquor. Ever.

Some other things I need to do:

-Repair and clean car.

-The dishes. I've been neglectful. The floor could use a mop-down as well.Do the shower and toilet while I'm at it.

-Throw out all the trash and change the litterbox.

-Make sure my nails are trim and clean. Floss more often.

-Buy a real bed, one with a frame and a box-spring/ mattress combo.

-Get some real food into the house. I can do better than jellybeans and yogurt.

-Toss out my skin-mags and clean up my computer.I may wind up regretting this.

-Get a couple decent chairs.The folding metal chair and card-table aesthetic is getting old.

-Stop expecting the worst. This is the hardest thing on my list.

If I can accomplish all these tasks I will have earned a drink, but hopefully by then I won't need it.
Tonight I'll probably just go home and fall asleep right away. Unless...
I'm very tired today.


nick said...

"I shouldn't touch hard liquor. Ever."

New theme: Moderation.

Allan said...

It's a "let's both quit for while" thing. I really don't know what's going to happen next, but if it's good I'd like to be able to remember it.
If not, I'll add Vodka to my lemonade recipe.

Uyanga said...

Yogurt is good to have, but jellybeans... hmm, still too Reagan-memorabilia kinda thing. But life sounds good =)