Sunday, July 04, 2004

Thick Clouds of Mediocrity

Fireworks boomed badly but briefly. So many police. Not as many people as the last time I watched the fireworks, but a lot more police. They weren't beating people and no one incited a peace riot, everyone was just sort of there in some sort of obligatory exercise that makes everyone feel uncomfortable.

Our City Police were very cool, to be honest. The overall atmosphere was sort of bland and inevitable.

OOh! AAH! The rockets red glare! I'm tired of watching shit explode.

Right after the fireworks we have thunder and lightning. The lightning is much more fun to watch than the fireworks.The rain is OK too, somehow I just knew it would rain.

It was that strange feeling of placid, desperate panic you feel while waiting at the side of a dying relative, and suddenly some distant cousins or members of a church who's doorstep you've never darkened arrive.

You don't know them and they don't know you. That's not so bad, because you are both there to honor someone you all love.

The fact that the death of someone you love is your only thing in common is Lucifer's Ice-Breaker when it comes to idle chit-chat.

That's how I felt this Fourth of July.


nick said...

I can relate.

Lyzard said...

This year is the first time in a few years that I haven't gone to the fireworks with my youngest brother, Quinn. So I stayed inside, it wouldn't be the same without him and I didn't feel like crying at fireworks.

I hope someone else went with him.

Allan said...

Sure am glad everyone had such a great holiday. It was like someone dropped a sad-bomb that never really went off, but just kinda sat there instead. People pretended not to notice, but it was sitting right there.

nick said...

for me it might have been the horrible hangover...