Sunday, July 04, 2004

Brakes From Reality

(Note: If you don't have a NYT account sign in as camelsback. password is camel).

I saw this story on my interactive box of lights this morning. Then I read this. Then this . Moving on, I read this.
Enough already!
So I switch to my passive box of lights. On the staring-box the breaking news is George H.W. Bush getting shot down. During WW2. He must have been shot down about a million times because it's the only news on TV today.

There was more. Michael Moore to be precise. Did you know he hates America?
I didn't.
Until I watched cable news. Cable news calms me in the same way an automobile accident relaxes me.
If every bought-and-paid-for media whore that I've heard say Moore hates America was willing to contribute five dollars to America's public schools, cancer research and plain old American Know-How, we'd be smart, healthy and no longer dependent on our good friends in Saudi Arabia.

Instead I see Cruella DeVille extolling the virtue of tax-cuts as economic magic balm. The rich white guys who made noise on my staring-box all agreed.

What do I think about F 9/11? I think almost every single job created this month (yet another downwardly revised Federal report) involves selling popcorn at theatres for six bucks an hour,since it sells out everywhere. Ironic, no?

If I hadn't received a few good emails and a phone call from my brother I'd probably have smashed both staring-boxes with my sledgehammer.

My printer went kaput, but I've made a few CD's anyway. If you like my writing, you'll most likely change your mind once you hear my music.
If you want one, email me. Free.
It's much cause of happy dancing if you also send me something cool.

Anarchists love the barter system.

Yeah, I know. I'm not allowed to love any systems.
Tough Love.

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