Thursday, August 12, 2004

She Knows a Lawyer

I get a call from a distraught sounding woman. She's making no sense. Something about a check she sent back that someone else cashed and her husband is sick and last month her car broke down on the way to the vet... Huh? Can I put you on hold while I retrieve your file?
This is a crazy one. Maybe she'll go away if I ignore her. Nope.

Look at her file. She's been paid twice. She's done this before. Someone has noted that she has filed duplicate claims before and is in 'non-renew' status. Policy expires next week. Hmm...

Ma'am, we've paid you in full. No further payments are due.

She says she's watching her husband die and the kids don't have any food and she had a car wreck and had to buy a new car instead of fixing the old one because her dogs won't get in it after the accident and we should pay her $800, 000 because her husband got sick after her roof started leaking and by the way she's almost broke and the operation is very expensive... ( she has a rentor's policy-it does not cover doggie psychiatrists or dying husbands)

I can't help it. Starts with a little snicker, but I'm reduced to tears of laughter. This woman is good!

Don't laugh at me! I'm at my husband's deathbed! Who's your boss? I know a lawyer! I'm broke after I bought the new car! My husband is very ill! My dogs need surgery!

I very politely suggest she review her auto and life insurance policies at this difficult time , but rentor's insurance does not apply to this situation.

Screaming reciever yelling loud enough to turn heads in nearby damncubes. I hold it at arm's length.

I wish I could get a copy of the "quality assurance" recording.

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