Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Connect The Dots

After an extensive scientific review of the Eugene “Jack” Armstrong beheading video, the Paris Hilton sex video, George Bush’s National Guard service record , some Radar images of Hurricanes and the secret Britney Spears nude honeymoon Polaroids; one thing becomes clear. Clear as the saran wrap in those Jeri Ryan naked photos.
There’s a common thread here. Can’t you see it?
I sure can. I don’t need a CIA leak fro Robert Novak to do so.
Need more clues? How about Swift Boats, John Kerry, Iran and nuclear weapons?
Rush Limbaugh / Daryn Kagan sex tapes? (eeeww….) Bush, cocaine and Camp David?
The secret lesbian affair between Hilary Clinton and Lynne Cheney and the Iraq War that Dick Cheney launched in a vain effort to cover it up? Dan Rather and CBS have the documents that sort of prove it.
Let’s not forget the Jenna Jameson/Bill Clinton connection- they both used to buy marijuana from Laura Bush, who committed vehicular homicide to cover up the whole sordid affair. Kittey Kelly told the truth on that one!

I swear it’s all true and it’s all connected.

How, you ask? Think, dear reader, think. Connect the dots. Trust your instincts. Jump to conclusions. What’s the commonality?
While you ponder this mystery I’m going to go check my ‘hits’ counter. I bet I get a lot of search engine hits today.


Allan said...

BEFORE I posted this, my counter showed 27 yahoo search hits for "Jack Armstrong beheading." What the fuck? Until today, those words were NOWHERE on my blog. ???

tif said...

conspiracy theorist