Monday, September 20, 2004

She Said Yes

Last week I was complaining to a Pretty Office Lady about the soda machines. Seems they were out of beer, and I really wanted a beer. POL told me the machines don't stock beer,butshe wished they did.
That's why she keeps a Keg-o-Rator (a mini-fridge w/a tap that holds a pony keg)of cold Bass Ale in her den at all times.

You're kidding, right?



Color me smitten.

I'm about to stammer something idiotic when the phone rings. So much work these days...

Today, I asked her if she'd like to have lunch w/ me this week.

She'd love to.

Someone chomp me with a staple remover, 'cos I must be dreaming!

1 comment:

Lyzard said...

I like Pretty Office Lady so far... she better be nice to my friend Allan.