Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Happy Birthday To Me

This year's birthday is already better than the last three, and I'm still at work.
Linda (Nice Office Lady)brought in a yummy cake and merriment was had by all. I really wanted an Uzi or a Thompson SMG, but cake is good.
I'd better enjoy the moment, because I'll probably sit home alone and throw beer caps at my cats tonight.Sigh.
Still, it could be worse.

In 2000, Alicia (my last real girlfriend) broke up with me. On my birthday.That sucked.

In 2001, no one, myself included felt much like celebrating. Too busy watching the WTC fall, over and over.This also sucked.I was on probation at the time and couldn't even get stoned or drunk because a failed pee-test meant five years in Federal prison. That would be a death sentence for non-fighting me.

In 2002, I was recovering from surgery on my Ulnar nerve and would have been in terrible pain if I hadn't been so fucked up on Oxycontin. Didn't go out that night.

2003? I was unemployed,broke, alone and in the deepest depression of my life.Except for 2001 and 2002, this was the worst year I've ever had.

Things are definitely looking better this year. The only thing missing is a Scorpio woman to have a torrid drunken affair with. It used to bother me that the last one was married, but with hindsight it's probably for the best-every minute we spent together was most likely subtracted directly from my life-span. Not that I'm complaining.


nick said...

Happy Birthday!!!

tif said...

i will celebrate with a sixer