Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Give 'em What They Want

As I languished in temp hell yesterday, I made an off-hand remark about how they oughta do a 'Reality TV' Gilligan's Island.

Everyone got a good laugh at my expense, because apparently it starts tonight.

But I looked at it, and it's not at all what I meant.

I'd pictured the setting more like this.

I'd also envisioned a much less diverse cast than the original show offered.
I expected to have a group of shameless narcissists who are so lacking in anything resembling humanity that they'd think nothing of cannibalizing their murder victims, as long as it's on prime-time TV .

Toss a dozen assholes onto an barren strip of nowhere. Give them each nothing. There's no fresh water. At night, the sand has a radioactive glow.
Except for the dehydration, vomiting and skin lesions it could be kinda romantic.

A month later, have a CSI:Killagain's Island special. Who ate who, and in what order?

It'll give me something to talk to you about while I wait in line for coffee. You drink the last cup, but walk away giggling.

* don't know how to make coffee. Hee Hee. *

Who the fuck doesn't know how to make coffee? In the workplace, saying this is code for "I suck".

I make the coffee very stong. I know how to make coffee.

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