Thursday, February 01, 2007

Now What?

Yesterday I left work in a state of near-panic over a huge workload that had materialized from nowhere and had to be done by Friday morning, no ifs-ands-or-buts...when I got home I had a letter from a short-term employer waiting for me.

When I removed the letter, my mailbox fell off the wall of my building and clattered down the steps- the single short screw holding into the mortar had given way.


When I turned on the living room lamp, the bulb flashed once, brightly, and died.


So I went into the kitchen for another bulb and the kitchen light did the same thing. Poof!

Changing overhead lights in the dark sucks- I'm amazed I was able to do it without incident.

When I was finally able to produce enough light to read by, I opened my letter.
It was a check for $300 for a job I was already paid for in November- and I am almost exactly $300 short on this month's rent, so the timing on this could not be's from a giant national company- I wonder if I was the only one who got a duplicate check?


I can buy dinner! Except my car won't start when I leave the deli.
I just had it in the shop and was told it was OK, but now it won't start.


I eat a sandwich in my car and try again. It starts right up - and the gearshift backlight, which has never worked, is now glowing as it should.


This morning I drove to work because I expected to be here until about 9 pm sorting out Lawyer Feces...but the 'emergency' isn't nearly as bad as was thought, so there's no panic.


But I have to drive home in the snow and ice instead of taking the bus like I do every single day except the ONE day that we have icy roads.


Then our computer network crashed, so I couldn't do my work even if I wanted to.


I can still go on-line , so I write a couple emails and decide to blog- but blogger is not working.


I read the news. It suffers from a paucity of cheer. Molly Ivins has died. I knew this already because I heard it on the radio on the way in- we were playing an Amy Goodman interview w/ Ms. Ivins and I heard a quote I loved and will paraphrase here:
(on the subject of the secret "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy")

"...of course there's no such thing as a secret VRWC-
they don't even pretend to hide their "Feed the Wealthy" agenda...all
you have to do is pay attention - they've been operating in the open for
decades and the American public just plain refuses to see
it...why bother hiding things from the blind?"

Hahaha- Vlad Putin says there is no 'conspiracy theory' at work in the death of a former KGB agent- the one who died of radiation poisoning- so how did that Polonium wind up in the spy's tea?


I don't need a headline or a hyperlink to know that BushCo is dead-set on going to war with Iran.
I've known that since 2002- Molly Ivins told me.

What she didn't say- because she couldn't have known at the time- is that we are in no position to engage Iran in a traditional military conflict. Our armed forces have been abused to the point of collapse- or coup.
In fact, we may not be able to defeat Iran in a 'traditional' war- and the current neo-Strangelovian buzz about 'tactical nuclear strikes' scares the hell out of me.

I'm not kidding.



whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Fuck indeed.

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

lol great fucking post - yay!

yellowdog granny said...

It's hard to keeps sliding off my face...Molly is heart is last female hero..

fucking cancer...

apositivepessimist said...

Maan that was a good roller coaster of a read...I was yaying and fucking right along with you.

Hmmm now will I be yaying or fucking with this word verification...hmmm.

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Citymouse said...

I'm going to say yay to this post!

ruby rocks said...

i'll never trust a teapot again while Putin is alive.

i hope today is a little better for you.

Sling said...

...I'm going to take a Vicadin...