Saturday, February 03, 2007

Second Birthday

Grab snacks before the doors open...
Last night was our radio station's second birthday party- it was huge. Last year we had 800 people, this year I'd guess 1,000.

Thank Godzilla I didn't have to do live sound this year. I was given a budget, so I hired a sound company. After talking with their engineer, he offered me a job, but my day job pays better and doesn't include working weekend nights.
(I did sound for years at various local clubs- those days are over; these days the only clubs I like are cudgels)

If they had seen me struggling to fix the DJ system in the other room- it had gone fritzy- they might have changed their minds about the offer- I had to crawl under a table in the dark and fuck with wires I couldn't see...I started smelling a weird burning smell and thought an amplifier had fried- but no...I had flipped the table cloth up onto a lit candle and was about thirty seconds from setting the whole DJ booth aflame.

Remarkably, nobody saw me do this.

This is the band room before the party:

By the time local 'band' The Gaskets went on, the room was nearly full:

To me, the Gaskets sound like two kids on Ritalin and weed, hanging out in their parent's basement and doing 80's karaoke with a Casio keyboard- but they are really popular around here. I think they're kinda boring, but I'm an old fart. The kids were dancin', so more power to 'em.


With KTF, she hosts Inter-Tribal,a weekly Native American show, every Saturday at 6AM- my show is Sundays at 7AM- tonight she told me she's a 'night owl' but manages to get up early because she loves her show. I can relate.

This is a blurry pic of Liza Kate, a local singer-songwriter, she's got a good voice- I think she was having some tech problems but she didn't get flustered by them and after a couple songs she was joined by Josh Smalls , another local S/S, also a good singer:

They were folky and down-tempo, but I liked them more than the Gaskets, I'd had a long day and some quiet music was nice.
Good night


Freaky Filly said...

Looks like a smashing good time. Mmmm and the food looks nice too. I laughed outloud about the tablecloth in the candle. Too funny.

skeet said...

Sounds like an okay thing to do on a Friday night, except that I don't do crowds. Glad you didnt' burn the place down & get arrested fro mass murder, though.

Sorry I haven't been around. Life & stuff going on, but I'm catching up now.

yellowdog granny said...

sounds like a good time was had by all, and glad you didn't torch the are so cute..

ruby rocks said...

never buy an old toyota with a faulty head gasket, they cost a fortune.

i break out in hives when i hear the word gasket.

Allan said...

FF- haha, it was funny. Yep, I'm a real pro- don't mind the smoke , all part of the show...

Hi Skeet! Mass murder? Yikes.

JS- did you call me cute? * giggles*

That's why I can't get a date- women are intimidated by my awesome handsomality. Yeah...

You'd have had oozing pustules from these guys. I liked the slow bands.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Glad you had fun.

"To me, the Gaskets sound like two kids on Ritalin and weed, hanging out in their parent's basement and doing 80's karaoke with a Casio keyboard"

LMAO! Ever consider a career as a music critic?

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

lmao at the candle part. i can just totally see you under the table futzing heh.

hey, why no smiley for the pics?! =)