Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's All Connected

There's an old parlor game called something along the lines of : Seven Degrees of Francis Bacon. The game is really more of a connect-the-dots exercise than the study in inductive reasoning suggested by the name- in it, one person gives another person the name of a celebrity. That person then has to mentally link the celeb with Sir Francis Bacon using seven or fewer 'connections' to do so.
For example, you might say: Brian Dennehy. Then I would have to find a relationship between Mr. Dennehy and Sir Francis in seven or fewer steps.

This one is easy:

1: Dennehy played a Montague in the 1990's movie version of Romeo and Juliet.
2: R & J was based on a play of the same name, written by some guy named Shakespeare.
3: Shakespeare's plays were written by Sir Francis Bacon.*


This week's 1980's playlist is full of strange and not-so-strange connections. Some I will explain, others I won't.

- She's a Diamond
This band features Kendra Smith, who also played with the Dream Syndicate. I forgot to play the DS. First song in and I've already fucked it up. Oh well.

Rickie Lee Jones- Jukebox Fury
This is good.

Cyndi Lauper- She Bop
Rumor has it that this song is about female masturbation, but everyone knows women don't do that. I have no idea what this song is really about- glaucoma, maybe? She mentions going blind.

Dukes of Stratosphere- Vanishing Girl
Do you miss me as much as I miss you? I hope not. I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone, including you.

Danielle Dax- Flashback
Wipe that frown!

Thomas Dolby- One of Our Submarines

Bernie Krause- Jungle Shoes
Cool funky synth-based instrumental with animal noises mixed in. For Ruby.

Romeo Void- Flashflood
This is for Whim. The first line of the song mentions a puddle on an apartment floor.

Devo- Jerkin' Back and Forth
I can totally relate to the lyrics of this horny instrumental. By 'horny', I refer to the catchy horn section featured on it. Back and Forth is three words? Fuck. Who knew?

Joe Jackson- Fifty Dollar Love Affair
Actually, it was six hundred dollars. I have the collection notice to prove it. Thanks.

Elvis Costello- Every Day I Write The Book
Dedicated to my very first Vanishing Girl.

Oingo Boingo- Fill the Void
For VG #2. Patterns hurt.

Pat Benatar- I Need a Lover
Consider this statement:Virginia is for lovers, therefore all Virginians are lovers. Sir Francis Bacon would label that statement as extremely weak inductive reasoning.
(Notes: John Cougar Melonhead wrote this song for Benatar. Pat Benatar is from Richmond, Va. And it's from 1979, not the 80's. Oh well...)

Frank Zappa- G-Spot Tornado
Another instrumental with great lyrics. Can anyone tell me what this song has in common with the next one? (Hint:It involves laziness on the part of yours truly)

Screaming Tribesmen- In His Shoes

The Bangles- Let It Go
I am dedicating songs to people who have forgotten that I exist. I must be nuts.

X- Come Back To Me
One cannot return to where one has never been. Were you ever really here?

Lou Reed- My Friend George
My friend George came into the studio and hung out with me for a while, soaking up the air-conditioning. Hey George! What's the word?

Mother Gong- Mirror
One of the more obscure offshoots of pioneering European psychedelic band Gong. Gong have their own planet and it is populated with Pot Head Pixies (PHP) who drive around in Teapot Taxis. It's not surprising that I am a huge fan of Gong.

Steve Hillage - Waiting
Steve, of course, was the best guitar player Gong ever had. This solo album is part of a two- record set called Day and Night. One album is white and has open eyes on the cover. The other is black and features closed eyes. Steve is a flake but he's an amazing musician.

Stranglers- Skin Deep
Remember when she got up and walked out with the Other Guy? That happened to me too.

The Kinks- Better Things
Here's wishing...

King Crimson- Frame by Frame
I used to think that this title was a film reference. Now that paranoia has taken over my life, I think it means Frame as in setting someone else up to take the blame, e.g., why is there red dye all over my album collection?

Tuxedomoon- What Use?
Favorite lyric: "What's the use in feeling betrayed?" Indeed.

Tom Tom Club -It's a Foxy World
Equal pay for equal work. The Eighties are over and things are still uneven. I suspect they always will be, but at least we can try. Music helps.

Talking Heads-Seen and not Heard
The Talking Heads contain members of the Tom Tom Club. King Crimson guitarist Adrian Belew plays on this album, 1980's Remain In Light. I explained it all in great detail to a caller. I love my callers and they actually love me back- that almost never happens in 'real life'...sigh.

Tom Verlaine- Present Arrived
I know you got that. You're welcome.

XTC- Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her
He who hesitates is lost...good things come to he who waits. I hate it when platitudes conflict.

Golden Palominos- The Push and the Shove
I'm still steamed over how I got fired. Why did it have to be like that?

The Residents- Why Didn't I Think of That?

Snakefinger- Smelly Tongues
Snake was my hero. He played guitar with the Residents. Curiously, I briefly played in a band with ex-Richmonder John Cook, who replaced Snake after Snake died. Snake passed away a few weeks after I met him at a Richmond show. Life is weird.

My radio shows are the shortest two hours of my week. I can't believe it's over already. Good thing I have another one tomorrow morning.

*this might not be true


the rube said...

joe jackson got a bargain at 50 bucks.

Third rate romance
Low rent rendezvous

more cowbell said...

Jeez, I would totally suck ass at that game.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Romeo Void! God, I used to love them. I need to put my playlist back up again.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Thanks for the dedication Allan! It was a great show. I'm glad I got a chance to listen in.

Allan said...

Rube- Things were cheaper back then

MC- Well, the game doesn't exist but I bet you'd be a lot better at it than you think.

Enemy- I'd forgotten how good some of the other songs on that album are.

Whim- Yay! I'm glad you did too!

Craig D said...

Something about your playlist rubs me the right way.

yellowdog granny said...

maryjo got to see Ricky Lee Jones in san francisco..she was the only person there her age that knew all the words to her songs...told everyone there...If it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't know who rlj's is..First time I heard her was on my mothers record player when I was 4 years old..ha...

angel said...

i give up, how are "Frank Zappa" & "Screaming Tribesmen" connected?
ooh- and tell george- the word is "mango".
here's wishing indeed dude...