Tuesday, December 18, 2007

He Got the Job

In 2005, amid a storm of corruption charges, Jacob Zuma was fired from his position as Deputy President of South Africa. The charges were postponed following the conviction of one of his cronies, serial fraudster Schabir Shaik, and Zuma's case was dropped; prosecutors now say that they may re-open the case, along with new charges of tax evasion...

After Zuma's firing, he was accused, charged and tried of the rape of a 31- year old family friend.
During his trial, Zuma stated:

his accuser -- a family friend less than half his age -- made clear her sexual intent by entering his home wearing a miniskirt. He also said that he knew, before having sex with her without a condom, that she had HIV, and that he showered afterward to limit the risk of infection.

During his testimony, Zuma stated that the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS from having unprotected sex was minimal.
His male supporters declared that they, in a show of solidarity, would 'stop wearing the condom'. After all, the risk was minimal, right?.

By 2006, the S.A. Dept. of Health found that, nationally, 29.1 percent of all pregnant women carried the HIV virus.
29.1 percent.

It's important to remember that this man was once Deputy President of South Africa, and that one of his duties was to implement programs to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS; which , it should be obvious, cannot be 'washed-off with a shower', but which can be spread by unprotected sex, consensual or not.

Zuma has what some might politely refer to as a "checkered past", yet he does not lack for supporters - I am no expert on South African politics, but I am immediately suspicious of any man who uses a woman's style of dress (" of course she wanted me to rape her, she wore a mini-skirt... ") in his own defense at a rape trial. I also distrust the judgment of anyone who would knowingly have unprotected sex with an HIV-positive partner*...raping an AIDS victim shows an appalling lack of judgment, not to mention humanity- oops- I meant allegedly raping...after all, Zuma was not convicted.

(* Zuma claims he is HIV-free. Only a suicidal idiot or an infected person would knowingly have unsafe sex with an HIV victim, which Zuma admits to doing. Is Zuma an idiot or is he infected? My guess would be both.)

Now, you might think that a man with this many blemishes on his past would have a hard time finding a job, much less winning an election, but you'd be wrong.
Jacob Zuma has a new job- he was elected to head the African National Congress.

So when you look at the uninspiring row of schmucks on display at the next American presidential debate, remember this: It could always be worse.


billy pilgrim said...

it sounds like the good mr zuma is a fatalist.

shit it sounds like the whole fucking country is run by fatalists.

angel said...

ah... and pop goes my little bubble of trying to ignore the whole circus...


you know this means he's south africa's next president right?

yellowdog granny said...

and they just elected him president....holy shit!..them people are truly fucked...hiv or not..

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Wow Allan! You actually made our choices for President look good. For a second...