Friday, December 21, 2007


It must be Christmas- I am doing a meme. Christmas makes me do crazy shit.

New Year's Resolution: No more memes...wait, that was last year's rez...and the previous year's as well...fuckity, it's for YDG and I'd do almost anything for YDG- including moving to Texas. Maybe.


Favorite X-mas Memory: Spending Christmas Night alone in the back of a Mexican restaurant in Eugene Oregon, where I was working as a transient busboy, circa 1990. I used my tips to purchase a 40-ounce bottle of Schlitz Malt Likker and a pair of Spider-Man comics .
This particular memory isn't mine, but it is my favorite.

Favorite X-mas Song- Rudy the Redneck Reindeer: In the early 90's I played in a punk/metal/space-rock band called Mister one pre-Christmas gig, I dressed as Santa and was given a bottle of Tequila by my Lesbian Fan Club- I carried it on stage with me, Santa chugging fer the worm between songs- during a pukey, belching fit, the rest of the band started playing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed..."- after my belching subsided, I ad-libbed the lyrics...I am told I was brilliant. I barely remember it.

Favorite X-Mas Movie: This would be an untitled home movie I made with my Utah girlfriend, Natalie, back in the winter of's in freaking Beta. Do you remember Beta tape?
I sure do.

Favorite X-Mas Ornament: Played a featured role in the aforementioned movie.

What are your X-mas Plans?: I don't have a job or any money to buy gifts, so I plan on fixing a really good home-cooked meal with all the trimmings and feeding my small family until they expand...this all depends on my grandmother's health. She may be in the hospital on Christmas, which will change all of our plans.

If I can have one gift, it would be to have my Granma at home on the 25th.

To all my Blogpals: Happy Everything to Everyone!


Next: Who Knows? Life is Nuts.


Kalibitch said...

Taking someone else's memory on as your favorite... i LIKE that. Memory theft. I wonder what they would go for on the blackmarket.

angel said...

aaaw allan...

i reckon you and me should do christmas together!!!
i do hope your gramma is home for christmas and you get to eat lekker and enjoy each other's company!!!

merry merry and happy happy dude!!!

ooh, you have got to tell me which ornament you used in your video... i've been wracking my brains and i cannot imagine what it could be!

billy pilgrim said...

a lesbian fan club? i've trying to get one of those for years, they're a tough group to win over.

And so this is Xmas
And what have we done
Another year over
A new one just begun

merry feckin xmas

Allan said...

Kali- Welcome! Dunno about the market value...I'd ask P.K. Dick, but he died.

Angel- We'll have to do it somewhere safe...your country frightens me more than mine...that's a lot! Howabout Sweden? I have a Fan Club there...

BP- You can't get one by trying. It just worked out that way.

CS said...

What a lovely one wish. I hope that works out for you.

yellowdog granny said...

went to st.mary's the other day and lighted a candle for you and your granny...among others..I have a long prayer list..
see why I picked you for the meme...where else could I find someone with a lesbian fan club..

Allan said...

CS- Thank you. I love your house!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I remember Beta. LOL about the ornament.