Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have a long story to tell, but first I need to take a moment and acknowledge my own personal awesomeness. I usually don't brag- I take great pride in my humility and my unparalleled modesty is the stuff of legends- but RIGHT NOW I am the #1 search result on the Google engine for this phrase : doing dishes as erotic foreplay.

I wonder what they were looking for? Tantric Domestic Bliss?
That doesn't sound too bad, really.


I'm tired. Things are quiet. I found a substitute DJ(thanks Scott!) for my show in case I didn't make it back- as I feared, I didn't get back until late and now I can't sleep. Today will be the first show I have missed this year- and the first time I have slept past 7am on Sunday in over a year. I'm aiming for noon.

Later I will tell you about:
-A horrible accident involving five cars, one tractor-trailer and the coffee that saved me.
- Drinking Manhattans with Fred Thompson and what happened next.
- A visit to the hospital.
- The deep-fried salt block that comforted me.
- The Boston Tea Party and how it felt to be there.

Now I gotta crash. I'll be along shortly.


yellowdog granny said...

what? give us all those teasers and then you go take a nap?...fuckity fuck fuck fuck...

okay...I'll wait..but you should be glad that I don't call and wake your ass up...

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Sleep well hon.

I can't wait to hear about those things you teased us with.

angel said...

"doing dishes..." okay, so that would never lead to my blog as i refuse to do that!!!