Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life (To Be Continued)

My grandmother is finally at rest. She was eighty-seven years old and I loved her dearly. She deserves better words than I can provide at the moment.

Pastor Jones gave a touching service and I was moved by the love and sympathy shown by his congregation- after the burial we had a pot-luck banquet of hearty Lutheran fare: ham, turkey, casseroles, cakes, pies...comfort food for a sad occasion.

Good people.

After the burial, my best friend Ron gave me this snapshot of his new son, Adam (9 mos. in Feb.), as well as the news that he and his wife are expecting child #2. Congrats!

I think this picture was Ron's way of telling me that life goes on. He's right.


more cowbell said...

I'm sorry, Allan. Your depth of connection to your grandmother has always come through in your writing -- I liked getting to know her a bit through your words. You both have had a time of it this year. I wish I had some better words; it's not easy. Good thoughts to you and your family.

Citymouse said...

allan i am so sorry for your loss. Having also been close to my granma, i understand your pain.

Meira said...

I'm very sorry, Allan.

That picture was a wonderful way to end the post, it made me feel good to think of you cuddling a baby.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


booklady said...

I love this picture. What a wonderful gesture for your friend to use it to remind you of such a crucial truth.

citizen of the world said...

Life does go on, and that is a beautiful photo. But grief is part of life, and you can't skip over it. Peace to you.

angel said...

oh allan... my deepest sympathies for you sweetie!!! i know how much you loved your gran and i know how much you're going to miss her. life does go on, but all the cliches in the world can't make us feel better.
BIG cyber [[[hugs]]] coming your way dude.

btw- thats a very cool picture of you!

Homo Escapeons said...


You have honored her Life with the time and energy that you gave telling the world how special she was. You are a wonderful Grandson and Human Being.

I wish that there were 6.6 Billion more just like you.

billy pilgrim said...

so sorry to hear of your grandmother.

beautiful photo of you and adam.

nice touch illustrating the circle life.

yellowdog granny said...

oh Allan....I can only hope that when I die, my own grandchildren will show to me as much love and devotion that you have shown to your grandma...I believe in reincarnation..maybe she will come back in Ron's new baby..
Goddess bless you my friend..