Sunday, February 17, 2008



"Wake up."

"Mmmr...uh? What?"

"Wake up. You were mumbling in your sleep. You do that a lot. It's starting to bother me."

"What do I say?"

"I don't know...I can't understand it. Consonants, mostly."

"But you can't understand any of it? Not a single word?"

"Nothing. Nada."

"Good. I'm going back to sleep now."


yellowdog granny said...

when the granddaughters were little and they spent the weekend they were always telling me about what i said in my sleep..once i sat up in bed and looked around and said'is elvis still dead?' and jenny said 'yes, grandma, he's still dead.' and i said 'damn' and went back to sleep...

schlep said...

mgfkkzttkpp btpwz!

citizen of the world said...

Unfortunately, when I talk in my sleep it's usually understandable.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm told I talk a lot in my sleep. I keep meaning to get a voice activated tape recorder so I can hear what I'm saying.

There's something for you at my place.

Sling said...

My younger brother used to carry on entire coherent his sleep!
Me?..I just wake up screaming from time to time...No problem.

TidalGrrrl said...

I scare my partners by sitting up and screaming in my sleep on a regular basis.

But! If I'm asked right upon waking what I was dreaming about some really interesting things come out of my mouth. I can't remember it later, but I guess I've had some real doozies. And apparently I've dated The Hoff.


Allan said...

JS- Elvis isn't dead. You must have been dreaming.

S- I agree with half of what you said.

CW- Unfortunately? What do you say?

Whim- I wish I could afford to get there...oh, I see. Thanks!

Sling- I fall asleep screaming. No problem.

TG- The Hoff? Like, under the Meadowlands?

angel said...

mwaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa... i do that too!
damien also talks in his sleep but you can have whole conversations with him if you time it right!

citizen of the world said...

Nothing that bears repeating!