Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I start a new job on Friday. I just found out a few minutes ago and I really wish my grandmother was still alive so that I could call her and tell her. She'd be very happy.

It looks to be a good one. This isn't a union state, so the pay isn't all that great, but it's a very good place for me to gain experience and meet the 'right' people. I'll be starting as a stagehand; my background in audio was a big factor in hiring me- I need some training before working the front-of-house and monitor mixers, that being my long-term objective. This is my chance to get that training. Stage work is hard and is not glamorous- it's long hours as well... for example, if the show is from 8pm-11pm, the crew is there from, say, 11 am to 3am...it's been 15 years since I did this for a living, so I'll have to adjust. It'll be easy, I think, or at least worth it. Plus, I like sound. A lot.

Here are some dates on my new work schedule as well as a site that describes my new place of employment:

March 1- The Wailers
March 7- Neville Bros.
March 10- Little Feat
March 18- Willie Nelson...Willie Nel-

Willie Nelson! Wow.
No shit? I'll be helping Willie? My karma seems to be improving...I have been worried about that lately.

April 4- Jorma Kaukonen- Jorma, late of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna, is one of my all-time guitar heroes, ever. No kidding. I have huge love for this man's music.

April 15- Pat Benatar- She's from Richmond, y'know?

Oh yeah- I might have to take time off to be a roadie for the Doobie Bros. this spring... I wasn't sure if that offer was real or not, but it came from the same source as this job, I start this job Friday morning, so the Doobies may well be true...I do have good roadie skills so I'm ready if they are.

Anyway, this will be interesting.


yinyang said...


schlep said...

Ha! Excellent news - a good job, at a great venue, they do need some direction from you in the booking department, probably...but, small steps.

Citymouse said...

whooo hooo!!!

yellowdog granny said...

oh wow!...that's the best news yet...oh allan, how happy i am for you.and pullleeeese...your grandma knows...she knows all...I believe that..'
tell ole willie jackie said howdy...his home town is 9 miles from me..he got his start here in west when he was a kid at the night owl...
doobie brothers?...how cool is that..i wanna go..ha

more cowbell said...

woot-wooot! yeah! Congrats, Allan, that's terrific.

Craig D said...

"What? And leave show business?!?!?"

Heartiest of congratulations, AC! I'm so happy for you.

beth said...

This sounds cool!

billy pilgrim said...

congratulations, somebody up there must like you.

a week doesn't go by that i don't say to myself "feats don't fail me now"

i'll envy you on march 12.

angel said...

oh allan that is simply awesomely spectacular! i am SO excited for you!!!

AC@45 said...

Sounds (pun intended) great .. hope you get to see/hear some great shows and enjoy the work.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

*does the Snoopy dance*

I had no idea that Pat Benatar was from Richmond.

Congratulations Allan!

Homo Escapeons said...

That is Uber-Cool!
It will be so much fun to be right in the thick of things.

Allan said...

It's not happening.