Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Outside The Box

This is the telephone box [correction: it's the cable box] behind my apartment building. It looks as if someone opened the box door and fired a shotgun through it from behind at point-blank range. This would have left a mark -to say the least- on the facing building as well as the vehicles in the shot's path, mine included. Luckily, I found nothing of the sort.
I have no idea what happened here but my phone still works.
Perhaps it's more wire-tapped than it was before?


Tonight I made well over a hundred dollars for a single evening's work and I didn't have to blow Eliot Spitzer to get it.
I was the 'Team Lead' for a crew of 15 temps assigned to work at a home foreclosure auction at the Convention Center. The event went very smoothly. Compared to my recent stint as a stagehand, it was a cakewalk; I had a good crew- some of whom I had worked with on other assignments- that helped make my job easy.
Our client informed me that she was very, very pleased with my team and that she would send a note to that effect to my boss. Yeah!
I've already impressed my new boss by repairing a smoking, broken-down vehicle in her parking lot using nothing but a borrowed screw driver - and now I have completed my first 'lead' assignment in a timely and competent manner. I hope my 'roll' continues!

Now for a series of Public Service Announcements:


Management tip: When you address your staff, do so with clarity and respect and they will do better work for you. This simple approach applies to all but the most incorrigible of worker, yet it is often overlooked by management. Tsk. Try it. C'mon.


I admit that I have tried the drug mentioned in this article . It was during my last visit to Chicago in 2006. I wasn't going to blog much about it because I do not wish to be in any way responsible for what might happen to an unwary user, nor do I generally wish to encourage drug use, although I do favor de-criminalization of certain things ( whole 'nother post, there).

Regarding salvia divornorum, in my opinion it would be better if most people just didn't know that it exists, but the fact is, people are gonna use drugs, so a little education can't hurt and now that salvia has broken into the mainstream media, I feel obligated to say a few words by way of warning.

Salvia Divinorum is making headlines as the "New Marijuana". It isn't.

Pot smokers pay heed: SALVIA IS NOTHING AT ALL LIKE WEED. DO NOT SMOKE IT CASUALLY. Salvia is the most potent hallucinogenic drug that I have ever taken and I have tried more than my share. No amount of 'chronic' can prepare you for the salvia experience. Salvia is for serious psychonauts only. I tried it alone, but I understand that it is generally considered a bad idea to do so. A sober 'sitter' is recommended. Better yet, don't try it at all.

In my case, my first pair of tiny tokes gave me little more than a warm, happy fuzzbuzz, so I got bored and did a full-size bonghit of the stuff- a powerful 8x extract- and held it in as long as I could...within seconds, the wall of my brother's apartment became an invisible tidal wave and I was swept into a horizontal, 'flying' position and found myself gazing down from above on a flotilla of odd-looking wooden sailing ships, open to the elements, I could see that there were men rowing, some were naked, most in rags...each ship also carried carried soldiers that looked like a hodge-podge of Dungeon and Dragons rejects, not at all like the stereotype Roman Legion, some were shouting but I don't know what was said... fifteen minutes later I was back in the 'real world' with nothing but a mild, mellow buzz to show for my bizarre journey. I had remained sitting upright in a chair the entire time...whew! It was an experience unlike anything I've ever had and I quite enjoyed it.

That being said, I will probably never do it again. The dosages aren't easy to control and I have a feeling that overdoing it would be very, very dangerous. If you are a stoner or have kids who might be dabbling, please be aware of the incredible potency of this stuff. It is no joke.

This article presents a somewhat different view than mine, but I do agree that it shouldn't be made illegal...that would only encourage rebellious kids to seek it out and create yet another black market complete with a corresponding spike in the socially counter-productive incarceration of drug offenders. (A whole 'nother post for that)

Two questions:

1) Are you registered to vote? If not, tsk...don't complain about BushCo if you were too apathetic to vote against it.

2) Do you have a library card? If not, get one ASAP. You will do yourself and your community a favor when you obtain a card and use it. If library membership and usage increases , it will be easier for libraries to make a case for continued and/or increased funding...a significant number of lower-income people (like myself) depend on our libraries for our reading and other needs, so please do us a good turn and check out a book. Help yourself out by reading it! Mind the due date, please.

That is all.


citizen of the world said...

Whoa - looks like somehting made a rapid escape from inside that box!

I'm registered to vote, of course, and have never missed a presidential election. Hoping for a win this time. And last time I went to renew my library car, they'd instituted a new policy in which you had to sign a statement saying you know you are committing theft if you have an overdue book. Made me so angry I've not been back.

Fringe Element Enthusiast said...

Serious, get a library card, he is right! If patronage goes up maybe the money will increase...
Read a book, read a book.
This link is funny:

yellowdog granny said...

it looks like something coming out..not going in..weird..maybe one of bush's wire taps blew out..
im proud of myself..i got 2 new voters registered...margaret and mary..(I'm looking for a Joseph)...I'm going to put a sign up at the mail boxes and see if anyone wants to register for voting...and i'm always getting people signed up for library cards...i think when kids are born they should be given a library card to their local library...i had one when i was about 4 and all my kids and grandkids had one by the time they were in kindergarden..
im glad you did good on the job, and hope it leads to a full time job...

Allan said...

CW- What a terrible policy! Theft?!? I'm committing LAZY when my books are late and I don't mind paying the fine, but to be called a thief? No thanks.
The 'honor system' of the Public Bookatorium is/was a comfort to me in an increasingly untrusting world.

Fringie- I have three, plus one for Chicago...I think I might need to renew that one.

JS- Who the hell woulda thought we'd grow up to be so goddamned' civic-minded? You're doin' good stuff!

yinyang said...

1. I'm waiting to register until I go to the DMV for my driver's test. That way, it forces me to learn how to drive so that I can be part of the political process.

2. I've had a library card since I was 6 years old. No problem there.

billy pilgrim said...

at my current age i'll pass on the salvia stuff. but if i was 35 years younger i'd be on way to get some right now.

experimenting with drugs is a young man's sport. i miss the sporting life.

Donn said...

Salvia's mother says,
Salvia's busy,
too busy to come to the phone.

kewl, hit me...on second thought maybe I'll just have a Diet Pepsi.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Your trip reminds me of a dream I had once.

I hear #2 loud and clear dear!

Somethin' for you at my place.

Grish said...

I thought it was ok as long as you didn't inhale anything..

As for the box hmmm...maybe it was a hybernating alien cockroach that was suddenly awaken by some rather mysterious and approaching doom..

..holds pinky up to mouth

--> cue sinister laugh

Susannity said...

Perhaps the Incredible Hulk lives in your neighborhood? Better not piss him off...

How do you find these drugs? lol
I don't like hallucinogens. That one sounds really bad.

schlep said...

I was out possum hunting while high on salvia last weekend, up in your neck of the woods; sorry if some shots mighta went wide.
If you see a dead possum near your house with horns and black wings, that'll be mine.

(Just trying to introduce the words "dead" + "possum" in there for your loyal readers!)

Allan said...

YY- Good.

BP- I was almost 39...a bit old.

Donn- I ate two Klondike bars the other day and I was high as mother-fuck on sugar and calories...drugs might be healthier, though.

Whim- Can you smell things when dreaming?

Grish- It was Gregor phoning home.

Sus- Salvia is great if you wanna trip really, really hard for fifteen minutes and spend the last five minutes wondering if you are ever gonna come down.

Schlep- Laughing audibly!

more cowbell said...

Honey, if you landed a job blowing eliot spitzer, your financial woes would be over, and you could sleep in.

No thank you on the hallucinorama. I'm too much of a control freak when it comes to my brain.

angel said...

i am registered to vote (in south africa obviously) and i feel the same way you do about the whiners who don't...
and i have a library card. damien and i used to go every two weeks religiously, but since i took up residence in the ethernet i don't go often at all anymore...