Saturday, May 10, 2008

Won't You Try Saturday Afternoon?

Hot Diggity! I'm where I belong: on the air. My show has been moved from early Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon at 1PM. I've been doing Sundays for over a year-and-a-half and it's been fun, but I much prefer Saturday. I had a great many supportive and enthusiastic callers today as well as getting to see some of my favorite radio folks in person. The station is fairly busy in the afternoon; I'm unaccustomed to seeing many people at dawn on Sundays.On the downside, I'll have to do my show fully clothed from now on.

On the upside: I don't have to wake up at 6 AM tomorrow.

I'm gonna go out and stay up late! Rawk!

(Actually, I'll probably wind up watching Battlestar or playing Civ IV. In real life, I'm a dork- I only play a hipster on the radio.)

The New Breakfast Snob: May 11, 2008:

Marianne Faithfull- What's The Hurry?
I was pissed off that I was rejected for a recent night-time radio spot. Now I see the folly of my frustration. A little patience and *poof* - the perfect spot is now mine!
Why hurry? Why worry?

Stranglers- Nice and Sleazy
Goddamn. This song has one of my all-time favorite bass tones. It's got sac.

Alvin Lee- Education
Right before this song, I aired a Public Service spot featuring Donny Osmond, my ninth-favorite Mormon...Donny is correct when he tells us that musical education is extremely healthy for a child's mind and spirit...
Man, I'm in such a good mood that I'm singing the praises of Donny fucking Osmond!
Alvin Lee rocks...he's the "I'd love to change the world, but there's nothing I can do" guy...still jammin' today; Ten Years After and all that...

Breeders- Bang On
It took six years to record this? This is only two minute long- and a minimalistic 120 seconds at that. No matter. I love a short burst of Rock Chicks.

Jefferson Airplane- Won't You Try Saturday Afternoon?
"I will give you capsules of blue and yellow sunlight"
What does that lyric mean? I dunno, but I do know that this record sounds great on LSD .
Don't do drugs.

Sleater- Kinney- Banned From the End of the World
Another short burst of Rock Chicks. Great band, the Twin gave me this CD, turned me onto them.

Faces- Ooh La La
Granpa gets the lowdown on the Rock Chick scene. The Faces were amazing...better than that other band, IMO.

Pretty Things - Office Love
I met my last 'real' GF at work. She still owes me $500 in bail money from the night before we broke up.

Sugarcubes- Top Of The World
Say what you will about Bjork- but who can resist her when she sings the Carpenters? Not me, that's for sure. Now where is my Superstar bootleg? It's the Karen Carpenter story...the parts are played by Barbie and Ken dolls. It's quite powerful, really. Not for the faint of heart, that's for sure.

Jamie Lidell- Out of My System
This is brand-new; nice soul a la Otis Redding. The good R&B.

Bob Dylan- Jokerman
Bob loves my show. He called to tell me. Different Bob.

Capt. Beefheart- Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man
Men, you been lookin' all around for the women
But they always been right there
Nowadays a woman has to haul off and hit a man
T' make him know she's there
Other night a woman came up 'n hit me
Like I wasn't even there

Mike Watt- Against The 70's
The kids of today should defend themselves against the Seventies
Good advice from former Minuteman (the band, not the militia) Mike Watt.

Neil Young- Let's Impeach The President
Excellent advice from old Mr. Young.

Bruce Cockburn- If I Had A Rocket Launcher
See the song directly preceding this one? Nuff' said.

Soft Boys- The Asking Tree
I don't know much but I sure can tell
Your porky soul is gonna fry in hell
The grease will spit
and the fat will roll
like a hamburger
that's all your soul is worth: processed beef clippings
Tear the skin right off of me
and hang it on the Asking Tree

PJ Harvey- Working For The Man
I met my real-life friend Schlep via Blogger. He recently posted about both Bjork and P.J. Harvey...I already played my Bjork du jour, here's Polly J. I hope you have a good sub-woofer.

The Buzzcocks- Why Can't I Touch It?
Why indeed? Just grab the damn thing already. See?
Now how hard was that? Sheesh...

Firewater- Mr. Cardiac
I played a Public Service Announcement about preventing heart this song.
It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Cardiacs- There's Good Cud
Schlep turned me onto this indescribable band.

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon- Sweet Emotion
This version of the Aerosmith chestnut is my new all-time favorite cover song. Oh my, it's sweeeee

Gong- Raindrop Tablas
21 seconds of tablas, just long enough to cue up the next song.

Damien Dempsey- Negative Vibes
You should check out Damien Dempsey.
"I'm never going to let your negative vibes and comments get through to my psyche"
Like an Irish Bob Marley, Damo is.

Bad Religion- Sorrow No More
Sorrow Floats. Name that book.

Steeleye Span- All Around My Hat
Hooray for Hat!

Klark Kent- Excess
This song is about getting wasted and embarrassing oneself.
My excesses have gotten the best of me/I'm ready to go home
I don't need drugs or alcohol in order to embarrass myself.
I'm a man. That's enough.


schlep said...

Good Afternude*
Nice show! And, nice to actually be able to hear it. Saturday aftyernoon is a much better spot for you.
Never heard the Sugarcubes doing Karen Carpenter, amazing.
Let me know when you're ready for another blast of Cardiacs!

*stolen fron Daevid Allen

Sling said...

COOL!..Saturday afternoon sounds like a much better gig to me.
Except for the whole fully clothed thing.

whimsical brainpan said...

Great show! I was able to catch parts of it. Thank you so much for playing "If I Had A Rocket Launcher" by Bruce Cockburn. I love that song and it's been years since I've heard it.

yellowdog granny said...

shit shit at work and can't listen...shit shit shit...
why did the thought of you playing music in the nakedness, get my motor running?..hmmmm

angel said...

i am so glad you are happy on your new show!
awesome selection as always!

Auld Hat said...

tee (giggle squirm)
I'll have you know, I listen to my Hat song every day. I do. (:

Lyzard said...

Bad Religion- Sorrow No More
Sorrow Floats. Name that book.

It's no fun to guess books when you give the title as the clue. :P

Susannity said...

Vandross has the best cover of Superstar hands down.

I need to get you into a mmorpg Allan muhahahahaha!