Saturday, June 14, 2008

99, 100, GO!

Today I'll be doing radio shows #'s 99 and 100, a personal milestone. I'll be here from 1 pm until 5, EST. More to follow.


schlep said...

Ooh, 'Beatnik Party'! And I see you've had your Cardiacs for breakfast. Happy 100th!

yellowdog granny said...

dang, i can't get your radio station to play on my computer used to, but now it wont...rats

yellowdog granny said...

a new job?...holy shit..thats wonderful..hope the interview goes well, and you get to have a growd up job..
tell me what to down load so i can get your radio staion..

Allan said...

Thanks Schlep!

JS- Download? Media Player should work.