Friday, July 11, 2008

A Late Thanks

Shortly before I left on my recent trip to meet my very special friend Whim, I recieved a package from my very good friend Jackie Sue- it contained an assortment of items representative of West, Texas, a place that Jackie Sue has been bringing to virtual life on her blog for as long as I have been reading it, which is a long time. If you have followed her posts, you will have heard her sing the praises of 'Dublin Dr. Pepper', an elixir that is widely regarded as the Holy Grail of Dr. Pepper for those inclined to think of soda pop in spiritual terms...well, I now have my very own bottle of this sought-after beverage! A big , belated thanks to JS for that...and the t-shirt, book bag, candle, seasonings and other goodies!
Note: JS is feeling a bit of pain at this time, so pop on by her blog and wish her well. It's good for your karma.

Speaking of good karma, the package was part of some sort of meme...I am not very good at memes but I think the gist was this: You get something nice and then you give something nice to someone else- I might be missing the details but the basic idea is rock-solid, eh?
On my trip to WhimLand (TM) I brought a few goodies with me and I left with much more than that, so I suppose the karmic wheels are still turning...I just filled my workplace PC with 20 hours of music, much of it courtesy of Whim and I gotta say that there isn't much that makes me happier than a buttload of new music to listen to, especially while I languish in fileroom limbo with little else to do but surf the Intertube and rock out.

Speaking of rocking out, tomorrow brings me a triple-shot of radio shows:

- First, I have my regular Saturday show, The New Breakfast Snob, airing from 1-3 pm EST
(link on sidebar)
-Then I'll be hosting our weekly 80's show, Songs from the Big Hair, from 3-5 pm EST.
- After that, I'll be switching hats and playing Engineer and Producer while DJ Phil ( aka 'Cotton' Dick Clinton) hosts our local music show, River City Limits- he will have a live band ( ?) in the house and I'll be running the technical bits of their performance...I have quite a bit of live radio music this month and will try to plug them as they come up- there really are some good bands in's a cyclical scene and it seems to be in a 'up' swing at the moment. I wish I could remember the name of tomorrows band...I'm a talented Geezer but my memory-bone is a bit weak at times. Tsk.

Once again, the job I've been pursuing has promised to give me a decision today- this will be the third time that I've been told I will hear from them so I'm taking my salt grains (thanks to JS for the sea salt!) as I wait in trembly anticipation.

Trembly it Labor Day weekend yet? I sure could use a vacation. A nice long, relaxing getway...yeah, yeah, the world is a pinched and swirling loaf but it's not all bad.

Not at all...good gravy, I'd forgotten what an awesome guitarist David Lindley is...stay tuned!


yellowdog granny said...

your more than welcome..and believe was my pleasure..spreading Dublin Dr Pepper around to my friends is my really good deed..ha...have you gotten to listen to the James Hand tape yet? I just got his second cd and there is a song called over in the corner by the juke box that I really like..Im starting to feel a lot better...not up to asskicking speed yet, but im working on it...

yellowdog granny said...

lit candle for your I found a way to get your radio station on my computer..Im so excited..ha..see ya tomorrow..js

billy pilgrim said...

maybe the yellowdog can straighten out your dad.

citizen of the world said...

So why is it called a Dublon Dr. Pepper, anyway?

I'd wish you a speedy summer to Labor Day, but I don't want summer to pass too quickly. SO you're just going to have to wait like the rest of us.

whimsical brainpan said...

That's some nice stuff Jackie Sue sent you.

Glad I could help with the music.

yellowdog granny said...

yeah, send your dad to west, texas ...i'll have him sober in no time..

angel said...

ooh i love new music! so cool that you have so much morew to listen to!!!

McRaven said...

I got one of JS's care package a little while ago and let me tell you it came at a time when I really needed to be lifted. She is the best!

Another friend on here sends me music and that is the best!

To good friends, may Creator bless them abundantly!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm glad you and Whim met up. I need to meet more bloggers.

Allan said...

JS- It was great hearing from you!

BP- I wouldn't wish him on her.

CW- I dunno. Ask YDG.
Loooong summer days...sigh.

Whim- Your help rocks my world! The music is good too.

Angel- Me? Like music? How can you tell?

McR- Amen to all that!

E- Meeting bloggers is fun...Whim is very special to me.