Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too Much Fun (Extended Dance Mix)

Have I mentioned how much I love live radio? Being a DJ/Engineer/Producer is a dream come true- I enjoy it so much that I'd do it for free...oh, right. I do do it for free.

Saturday I had two shows as DJ and a third as Engineer/Producer- my stalwart DJs Phil and CC had an amazing musical guest, Gull (aka Nate), a one-man band unlike anything I'd ever run sound for... dude played guitar with his left hand, drums with his right hand and feet and 'sang' muffled and ominous-sounding verbalisms into a microphone that he had placed into the piehole of a handmade serial-killeresque mask...he totally rocked the house, playing funky, pounding beats while riffing bass lines and melodies with an awe-inspiring one-handed guitar technique that reminded me of Robert Fripp playing Van Halen...or maybe the other way around. In any case, I enjoyed the heck out of it - and Nate had a great time too! Our music studio is a homey, funky place to play and Gull was right at home ( pics by Phil and/or Wendy).

I got a phone call from my blogpal Jackie Sue ( who is feeling much better) and when I got home I had a wonderful email from Whim, whose capricious signal had allowed her to hear most of my shows, including the songs that I played for her...sigh.

What a great day it was.

The New Breakfast Snob, July 12 2008 1-3 pm

Flogging Molly- Devil's Dance Floor

Richard Thompson- Walking Through a Wasted Land

Bob Dylan- Maggie's Farm

Captain Beefheart- Same Old Blues

Atomic Rooster- All Across The Country

Taj Mahal- Leaving Trunk
Taj played in Fallentown Sunday night. I had the trots and missed it.

Garbage- Push It
Whim has implied that I have the hots for Shirley Manson...she, as usual, is correct.

The Sort- Mean Nouns
Local band- grammatically correct pop-metal. I like!

Sleater-Kinney- God is a Number
The Twin gave me this CD. Girls rock!

Curtis Mayfield- Get Down

Funkadelic- Good to Your Earhole

The Band- Don't Do It

Rare Earth- What'd I Say?

Led Zeppelin- I Can't Quit You Babe
Did I call you "babe" on the air? I did? Oh, well...I'm blushing here...

Michelle Malone- Grace

The Beatles- Yer Blues

Jefferson Airplane- Martha

Kanter/Slick/Frieberg- Sketches of China

Leo Kottke- Pepe Hush

Cursive- Into the Fold

Everclear- Father of Mine

The Frames- Revelate(live)

Elvis Costello & Imposters- Stella Hurt

Damien Dempsey -Your Pretty Smile
For Whim.

801 Live- You Really Got Me
Which is why I can't quit you. Babe.

Crack the Sky- Suspicion
C the S should have been huge... I loved them in Baltimore...sigh.


Alice Cooper- (We are all) Clones

Replacements- Go

The Damned- Street of Dreams

Robyn Hitchcock- How Do You Work This Thing?

Adam Ant- Goody Two Shoes
Good answer!

Pretty Things- Bitter End

Klark Kent -Don't Care

Meat Puppets- Up on the Sun

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Behind the Sun

Dream Syndicate- That's What You Always Say

Joe Jackson- Survival

Pere Ubu- Fire

10,000 Maniacs- Scorpio Rising

Eurythmics- Missionary Man

Sugarcubes- I'm Hungry

Missing Persons- Mental Hopscotch

David Lindley & El Rayo X- Poppa was Rolling Stone

Suzanne Vega- Left of Center

Kate Bush- Experiment IV

Stranglers- Let Me Down Easy

Magazine - This Poison

Cocteau Twins- Pitch the Baby

Elvis Costello- The Greatest Thing
There is a little book with this title...

Jim Carroll Band- The People Who Died

Minutemen- Jesus and Tequila

Devo - Workin' in Coal Mine

Oingo Boingo- Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me
Not exactly true.... Sunday and Monday were a little rough. I'll spare the details.

Squeeze- Slap and Tickle
Sparing the details...

King Crimson- Elephant Talk
I like making elephant noises. Eeeeraaooowwww!

English Beat- Mirror in the Bathroom

Well, I'm back at work and demands are being made (and ignored). I'd better get on it. Yeah...it sure is fun being a famous file clerk.


NYD said...

That is one heckuva play list!

as for the definition posted on the side bar. The only thing that comes to mind is: Parody

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I think, in fact, you have mentioned your love of radio before.

yellowdog granny said...

that was fun..I really enjoying listening to you...and you dedicated a song for me too...but when I heard scorpio rising i thougth, now that's the song he should have dedicated to me..being a scorpion and all...I really did have fun ..will meet again next sat..

billy pilgrim said...

i got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane....

unokhan said...

o lordee, a most Xcellent playlist, hello! and goddam!

unokhan said...

as u know buckethead performs from behind a mask

Allan said...

NYD- Close.

CW- Have I? I tend to repeat myself myself.

JS-Thanks for callin'!

BP- That should be a song.

Uno- Howdy! Thanks.

whimsical brainpan said...

They were great shows. Thanks for playing me the song. :-)

Allan said...

You're welcome sweetie.Thanks for tuning in!