Thursday, August 14, 2008

You Stole My Whalanol!

One fine Sunday in June of '06, I invented me some whalanol. In a post titled Coalition of the Whaling, I wrote about 'whalanol' , a gasoline additive derived from whale blubber. This satire was picked up by a few sites and blogs and published as actual news! I have already written about all that in past posts.

It is also referenced here (with my happy permission) by my blogpal Thivai at Dialogic. He, like quite a few other people, got the joke.

Among the other people who 'got it' was professional comedian David Kaye. Never heard of him?
Until recently, neither had I...I just checked out his website and his Myspace and I think some of his stuff is pretty funny. Especially the bit about how he invented whalanol. That cracked me up...sure wish I'd thought of that.

Wait up. I did think of that! A professional comedian is using my material! That would be awesome, except David Kaye forgot to give me credit or money. I think I'll write an email to him and point out his oversight:


I recently saw your myspace and noticed an inaccuracy. You did not invent "whalanol".

I did.

Perhaps you read this post: A Coalition of the Whaling?

There are others.

One funny thing was that a number of folks didn't realize it was satire and repeated it as news. Obviously, they didn't 'get it' but you did.

I'm glad that you have a sense of humor, you being a comedian and all, but would you do me a favor? Would you please take the material that you borrowed from me (whalanol) off of your myspace as well as removing it from any stand-up routines, skits or acts that you may be using it in?

Or pay me to write for you?

Whichever is easier.



I must admit that I was angry at David Kaye at first, after all he may be making money off of whalanol and I, the inventor, am not, but he's a comedian- what am I going to get for suing him? Laughs?

I'm kidding, of course. I want a cut of the profits- better yet, I want a job writing comedy routines for stand-up comics. After all, the "Funniest Pittsburgh Comedian Ever" uses my material - that's a pretty good resume builder, I'd say.

UPDATE: David gave me full credit on his myspace, plus a plug for my little indie radio station. He also has an entire line of endangered bio-fuels currently in production. I wish him luck.


yellowdog granny said...

thief...he stole your material...makes you feel proud don't it..ha

citizen of the world said...

You should defnitely get a cut if indeed there is money to be made from the joke), but at the very least credit.

Allan said...

I doubt there's money to be made...I'm just really sensitive and territorial about my whalanol.
It's my greatest contribution to mankind.

Sling said...

Curious,when you see your work bandied about as if someone else came up with it..
Dr. Phil steals my posts all the time!

Allan said...

No, I steal your posts and sell them to Dr. Phil.
Didn't mean to let that slip.

schlep said...

I don't care who invented it, I just want to buy stock in it as soon as possible.

beth said...

Okay, I know this is a little off-topic, but I got this link from RVA blogs and I KNOW you'd be interested:

billy pilgrim said...

please never mention turtlanol.

turtle soup is bad enough but powering fat broads in suv's would drive me insane.

Allan said...

S- I'm printing the certificates now!

B- I'm afraid that there's a LOT of that sort of delusional neo-con fundamentalist insanity out there. Wish it were satire but it's not.

BP- How about mock turtle soup? That stuff's offal.

whimsical brainpan said...

Glad you got your props! Too bad you didn't get any money. But at least dude owed up to what he did.

angel said...

ooh thats so cool! why didn't he do it in the first place!!?!

beth said...

Again off topic, but I caught your show this Saturday and really enjoyed it! I love your new time slot.

Also, super cool picture of the celestial slinky on your side bar.

Allan said...

Whim- I'm still funnier than him.

Angel- Because he wanted people to believe it was his joke.

Beth- Yay! I'm glad you caught it!
(NASA changes that pic every day, bless'em)

yellowdog granny said...

so what happened?..did you talk to him?

McRaven said...

I know I've used this before and it is a word I made up years ago...but sometimes people can be real asspianious. :)