Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goods and Bads

My pal Schlep had a cookout at his house last evening and I stopped in for a visit on my way to the radio station. This (below) is Schlep's block. He lives in a thatched-roof hut behind the shrubs on the left...there used to be more trees on this block, but in 2003 Hurricane Isabel knocked them down and Schlep, practical man that he is, cut them into logs and built a cabin in an unsuspecting neighbor's backyard. He's been squatting there ever since...he even has his own vineyard now!

I met Schlep on Blogger...he googled "Snakefinger" (my all-time guitar hero) and found my blog. After an exchange of comments and/or emails, we established that not only do we both live in the same town, we live exactly one block apart from each other! Small world , eh? Since then, he's turned me onto some cool music, especially a band called Cardiacs, who are simply too good to be well-known.

I, in turn, gifted Schlep with my special recipe for Marinated Possum Kabobs (below). Basically, you catch a possum, fillet it, marinade the strips of flesh in a mixture of olive oil, garlic, cilantro and Clorox, place them on skewers and then grill them over coals until they change color. Any color will do.

At one point, the discussion turned to cameras. Did you know that they sell cameras with the YouTube logo on them? For some reason, that makes me paranoid.
In a cagey attempt to capture Schlep's image in pixels, I took a picture of the aforementioned camera- alas, Schlep reads this blog and knows all too well what happens to the pictures I take, so he turned his face away at the critical moment.

Sadly, I had to engineer a band last night, so I didn't get to stay long enough to eat my fill...if I like a band and have a good time producing them, I will usually blog about it.

I'm not blogging about last night's band.

When the session was finally over, the crowded studio was suddenly empty, leaving just myself and my assistant, Galaxy Girl, to put away the gear and clean up the mess...where did everyone go?

They went downstairs for dinner and beers. As GG and I left the station, we peered through the plate glass window of the restaurant below the studio and saw the band and a gaggle of DJ's yukking it up. Man, I sure was hungry...I really could have used a meal but I am what is known as "dirt-poor" and eating out is not in my playbook.

So I went home and ate this (below). I guess it doesn't look too bad until you consider the fact that I've been eating the same pot of chili for five days and I swear to Godzilla, I'm about fucking sick of it by now. One more day and it will be gone...

My boss isn't here today. I don't know where he is or who to ask...I'm kinda stuck on the project I'm working on and there isn't anyone for me to ask for help. My boss is a responsible-type guy and it's not like him to just not show up- that's more my style- all kidding aside, I'm a little worried.

Oh! An Outlook message! Maybe it's from my boss- I hope he can answer my work questions...oh...nevermind. Tomorrow is "Hot Dog Friday" dogs will provided to the workers tomorrow.
I don't eat hot dogs unless I am in Chicago, and even then I'm a little picky... I guess I'll bring the last of my chili with me tomorrow.


yellowdog granny said...

yeah, even good chili gets tiresome after about the first week..
i like the idea of his building his own place and cool is that..
eeew, opossum..ick

Allan said...

There are certain parts of this post that aren't 100% true...the chili part is true, however.

angel said...

ooer... i'm so sorry bout the band and the eating out.
its cool that you and schlep actually see each other! i love blog meets!!!

Susannity said...

Nice of the band to treat ya to dinner... &*%$#ers.

Is that opossum chili? =P

billy pilgrim said...

hot dog friday!

if that isn't nice, what is?

schlep said...

What a pack of lies! I feel like Paul Bunyan. Too bad you couldn't stay longer Allan, I'll have another one and invite the whole blogosphere too.
Possum kabobs are really better than they look, and taste. A bit like snakefingers.

Citymouse said...

nothing like a chicago dog!