Friday, August 22, 2008

Wasting Time and Words

Wow. My friend Beth recently pointed out a blog devoted to the belief that Barack Obama is the Biblical sooner than she did that, I saw the same blog featured on CNN, a network that seems to shed credibility faster than Chinese gymnasts lose years. I'm not linking it, but I'm sure you can find it if you want to...I have, however, cut and pasted the anonymous writer's answers to some of his comments, adding my words in green.


Without further ado, I present "Anonymous":

I also want to take a few minutes to all of the bashing I have been taking in the comments section, although around 81% of the people in my poll think Obama is, or maybe is the Antichrist.

Me:There is nothing more convincing in a debate than a blog poll and the word "maybe.".
You win.
I'm kidding. Seriously, your sentences would make more sense if you knew how to use verbs, i.e., "take a few minutes to all of the bashing"?
Take a few minutes to what all of the bashing?

Your argument:If Barack is the Antichrist(or beast etc) then why would you tell people not to vote for him? There is nothing we can do about it.

Answer:You are right, there is nothing we can about it voting against him if he is the Antichrist, and yes that would mean Jesus is on his way. However, if Barack is just some guy, then he is clearly full of himself, and I don't think he would be a good leader, and I don't agree with his policies. I am not saying I am a big Mccain fan either.

Me: Interesting strategy for a debate,agreeing with your opponent and using circular logic to run laps around your own argument. If you are an Apocalyptic Christian Fatalist, then the arrival of the Anti-Christ is the best thing you could hope for because, as you state: "Jesus is on [H]is way" and nothing need be done save for sitting back and watching the End Times roll. As for being full of himself, well,duh. He's a politician and politicians are well-known for their inflated sense of don't like his policies? Fine. That doesn't add any weight to your claim that he is of supernatural origin.

By "just some guy", I presume you mean that Obama may be a mere mortal. Here's a shocking theory: Jesus Christ was "just some guy" who had some radical ideas regarding the way humans should treat each other. Those ideas were perceived as a threat by a corrupt, decaying Empire that was beginning to collapse under it's own over-extended weight and Christ was persecuted and eventually murdered for his philosophy. After his murder, he remained dead.

Please don't use the Bible to "prove" Jesus was supernal. That's akin to using Superman comics to prove Kal-El could fly.

Your argument:People have thought everyone like JFk, and Ronald Regan etc. would be the Antichrist, this happens every election cycle.

Answer:Yes, you are right on this one. Fine. However, from my perspective, and clearly many more, Obama has really been using biblical rhetoric, and people are seeing him as "the one" to save us, I see him as being unique from any leader I have ever known about, I feel strongly that there is a good chance he is the antichrist .

Me: Again, you start by agreeing with your opponent. Of course Obama uses biblical rhetoric-he, as stated, is a politician. American politicians always drag the Bible into their rhetoric- but not so much into their actions. I digress, but what are the notable "Christian" deeds of Bush Inc.? War? Poverty? Untreated illnesses? Ignorance? Jesus was against those things.

You see Obama as "being unique from any leader [you] have ever known about"?
That's a bad thing?
I wish to Godzilla that he was "unique" because we sure could use a change of direction, but again, your supposition makes no sense. Being different doesn't mean one is a creature of Darkness, but it does increase the odds that unlearned people will misunderstand one. Example: There are New York Jets fans who think Brett Favre is "the one" who will save them because he is unique from any quarterback that they have ever known, but really, the Jets don't stand a chance this claiming that Obama is the AC because he is "unique" and because you have 'strong feelings', you come across as being crazier than a Jets fan. That's rubber wall territory.

Your ArgumentThe Antichrist was referring to Ceaser, or someone back in the A.D. it has nothing to do with our time. Or... The Antichrist is just a movement against Christian ways, there is no single person.

Answer:Yeah, maybe you are right. Maybe you are wrong. This Obama thing looks like a pretty big movement to me against Chrisian [sic]beliefs, tricking many Christians in the process... Maybe the Antichrist was only Ceaser, or some king in the A.D. Either way, Barack Obama stands against many of my beliefs. I am a pro-life person, who believes in a free market economy, and I am a real Christian, not someone using it for political ambitions.

Me: Even in a non-answer to a non-argument, you can't help but agree with your opponent and make yourself look ignorant in the process. For instance, who or what the heck is "Ceaser"? A person or object that causes cessation? You speak of "the A.D." as if it were some bygone era, when in fact "the A.D." merely means "in the Year of our Lord". (Coming after the birth of Christ, the term encompasses the last 2,008 years of human history, including the present.)

There was a well-known historical figure named Julius Caesar, but he died forty-four years before Christ was born, so it's unlikely he was alleged to be the Anti-Christ.There have been other Caesars but no Ceasers that I am aware of. Did you mean "seizure" ?

Please don't have an apoplectic seizure if the Centurions seize yer goods and render them unto Caesar, after all, it's people like you who voted for our current Emperor.

It's difficult to take you seriously when you don't even understand how the calendar works. Julius Caesar, on the other hand, understood calendars. Perhaps fluent chronology is a sign of Evil?

Again, you disagree with Obama, but that doesn't make him Satanic. Having strong "belief" doesn't change facts- you can't alter the concrete by discussing the abstract.

A politician using their loudly self-professed faith as a means to satisfy ambition and obtain power? That sounds very familiar. I doubt we can survive four more years of that familiarity.

Matt sez: Real Christians don't proselytize on the virtual street corner.

Man, I can't believe that I wasted my entire lunch hour on this trivial bullshit.

Disclaimer: I understand that some of the ideas put forth above may be offensive to the sensibilities of some readers and for that I'd like to apologize- I mean no real disrespect to New York Jets fans, I merely used Favre as a metaphor.


yellowdog granny said...

holy shit!...some people's stupidity astounds me...and also scares the shit out of me..

NYD said...

Ya know, I never really expect people to express themselves intelligently. Heck I have problems enough constructing a decent sentence myself, but when folks just spew vapidity I just want to show it to the world and mock it properly.

You didn't waste your lunch hour. You saved min. Thanks.

Allan said...

JS- It is scary. I thought it was satire at first, but it's a real site. They actually believe all that superstitious hoopla.

NYD- We sure do think alike sometimes... Blogs are meant to be loose, 'of-the-moment' and a bit sloppy -'Zilla knows I am , and that's OK with me - but when CNN picks up an illiterate crackpot and calls it "News"...I snap. Thanks for the support.
(I was hoping for a rebuttal from Anon, but oh well...)

Susannity said...

I always love the "I'm not saying I'm a big McCain fan either" comments. Just what are you saying then?