Thursday, August 14, 2008


What did you do with your "economic stimulus" check? Did you give it to China? Probably.
Wal-Mart, America's favorite source of Chinese goods, declared it's profits rose 17% last quarter, at least partially due to the recent helicopter dump of cash onto American that was borrowed from China in the first place. Borrow, spend, borrow...

Me, I tried to break that cycle. I gave my "stimulus" (plus two hundred dollars of my own) to my landlord...who probably spent it at Wal-Mart.

In July, U.S. inflation rates hit a seventeen-year high...who was President seventeen years ago?

Just asking. Meanwhile, home foreclosure rates rose 8% last month and 55% since July of 2007. If you didn't already know, a home foreclosure means: "you used to own a place to live and now you don't". The consequences can be severe, especially if you are addicted to kitchens and indoor plumbing.


During the run-up to the American invasion of Iraq, I made the rather unpopular argument that Iraq posed absolutely no military threat to the U.S. whatsoever- how could Saddam manage to send an unmanned drone through the world's most heavily patrolled air-space, the Iraq "No-Fly" zone,across the Atlantic and onward to Kansas? Colin Powell waved a crack vial around the U.N. Assembly chamber- so what? The anthrax that Powell told us to fear came from an American source, after all...

To certain people- and behind closed doors-I asserted that the only reason to invade Iraq was to make rich people richer...I had to watch who I expressed my anti-war sentiments to- back in 2003 I wasn't afraid of terrorists, but I was afraid of being fired, beaten and /or having my property short, I was afraid of my fellow citizens. The terrorists had won, after all.

I wish I'd been wrong about that. I have been wrong before- early in 2000, I predicted John McCain would be the Republican nominee- that was before Karl Rove's political wehrmacht smeared McCain with false rumors about his illegitimate black baby.

This year,Karl Rove is on McCain's side and I'm deeply afraid that McCain will be our next President. I don't know if the John McCain of 2000 would have reacted to a Saudi Arabian-led attack on American soil (9/11) the same way as BushCo did- by invading Iraq- but I am dead certain that the John McCain of 2008 will attack both Iran and Russia, which will more than likely finish WWIII, and not on favorable terms for the survivors, should there be any.

I have heard McCain referred to as "Bush Lite". I disagree. I think the 2008 version of McCain would be better known as "Bush Ultra-Plus", a McCain regime would bring:
-MORE tax-cuts to people and corporations who don't need them.
-MORE wars for the sake of wars.
-LESS domestic spending of Education, Health Care and Social Services.
-MORE domestic spending on for-profit prisons and joint corporate/government domestic surveillance programs.

In short, just like Bush, only more so.

Sadly, I think the chances of McCain "winning" are pretty good- 3:1 in favor or better...I'm guessing that the so-called "unity" speeches that Mr. & Mrs. Clinton are to give at the Dem Convention will actually further the intra-party divisions rather than mend them and McCain and his surrogates will carpe the motherfuck out of that diem.

Still, I could be wrong. I won't mind if I am. Two wrongs sometimes do make a right, after all.


yellowdog granny said...

arghghghghghggh!...oh please please be wrong..i don't want to pack up all my shit and move to another country..
sorry i havent been around..i've been glued to the tv set..olympics you know..mccain is spooky scary...i think i know how he got the bulges in his throat..he found the vietnam guard that tortured him and chewed his balls off.

whimsical brainpan said...

I pray with everything I have that you are wrong. Please please please dear God let Obama be the next President!

angel said...

erm... clueless to comment despite reading some about it...