Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Special Reason For Asking This



Remember when the Bush Administration warned us about Iraq? How BushCo told us that if we didn't use massive military force right this fucking second, Iraq was gonna destroy our "freedoms"? Or how the Bush-bullies used fear to start a war that, to any rational person was clearly illegal, unjustified, pointless, unaffordable, counter-productive and unwinnable...and used that same fear to ram the laughably mis-named PATRIOT Act down our collective throats?

We, as a people, rolled over and gave BushCo everything they asked for.

How did that work out?


citizen of the world said...

Hmm.... Not so well?

yellowdog granny said...

every time i hear bush's voice I press my ass to the wall and clutch my purse to my heaving bosom.

NYD said...

Just like I (and much of the rest of the world) thought it would.

The question is why is America allowing him to do the same with the economy using the very same tactics and rhetoric?

NYD said...

Oh, and on your previous post.

The real shame is that the morons, fools and imbeciles out number the good, so the cut and run seems the only sensible thing to do.

rubenh (thesocialreformer.com) said...

bush shat all over the republicans name

rubenh (thesocialreformer.com) said...
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billy pilgrim said...

what did the harmoniums write on the cave walls of mercury?

it's a test.

by throwing in palin, rumfoord is trying to make the test easier.

Allan said...

BP- The last song of last week's radio show was Emmylou Harris singing "Here I am."

Then I flipped the spaceship upside down and landed my way out of the hole.

Sling said...

I'm hoping to get a $30,000.00 earmark for our little cabinet shop outta the deal...No shit.

NYD said...

What would happen if the Old Boys didn't bail out lil Freddie and Franny?

Allan said...

NYD- I'm guessing either not much, or at worst, I'd be living meal-to -meal, looking for work and selling my personal possessions to pay for daily needs...just like I am now. The only difference would be the millions of newly-impoverished comrades I'd have.
I'm glad I don't have kids.

Seriously, though- they have lied about so much else, why should we believe a "collapse" is immenient?