Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yes, They Are

Many years ago I exchanged physical addresses with a blogpal for the first time. She sent me a book, the perfect one for the place I was in at the time, along with a card in which she stated something very much like: "...I'm probably crazy enough to stalk you, but don't worry, I won't", which was a reference to a running "in-joke" we had- she eventually left blog (temporarily) and moved far, far away and although I never thought she would "stalk" me, part of me wished that she had- anyway, some person recently found my blog by googling her name along with certain words and phrases that she was prone to using in her writing. They found long-ago comments that she had left and my Sitemeter tracker indicated that they had clicked on her profile.

Hmm..it's has been nearly two years since I have heard from my old pal. I wonder how her new life is treating her?

The screenshot above is what I saw. Now, I know my old friend is not a stalker, but apparently she has one. I'm thinking of writing to her but I probably won't. She, it seems, already has enough crap to deal with.



angel said...

thats really crappy for her and for you! praps she'd like to hear from you again?

Donn Coppens said...

As the sniper's say when the perp is in their sites, "I have the solution"

I would like to organise a Stalker Hit Squad that circled the globe and a few 'wet boys' would arrive to neutrlize the situation.
The lowest form of cyberlife.

yellowdog granny said...

i had 2 people that weren't exactly stalkers but they were weird and left weirder comments, so i asked the one to not come back and that's when i had the comment held till i checked them out for a while..i didn't do it for what he said to me, but what he said to my readers...mess with me..fine, but mess with my friends and your in for some asskicking..and then there was another one that is still around..but i convinced him to stay away from me, but he has gone to my blog and now visits all the people i had on my blog list and comments on them...i checked out his blog and there were like 30 comments on his post, and when i read them...28 of them were him commenting on his comments...really strange dude..

Allan said...

A- I don't think she does.

D- I once came very, very close to driving to Ohio and 'solving' the fuck out of a blogger who was stalking me.

JS- I think I remember that. He doesn't comment here.

citizen of the world said...

That's really pathetic.

I had one person who seemed to be morphing into a stalker, writing creepy/nasty comments and I just stared deleting them until he went away. Nothing else bad, though, since I've started.

citizen of the world said...

Ooh, I know who ydg is talking about. Same guy.