Saturday, October 04, 2008

From Matchbooks to eBay

I know I have posted this pic before, but it seems so appropriate that I feel it's worth sharing again.

It frightens me how much the current financial 'crisis' seems to mirror my own emotional state.No,that's not exactly true. I don't understand the financial crisis any better than I understand my own emotional state, which is to say: not very much.

All I know is that I'm having quite a bit of very strong feelings, good and bad, lately and it's a bit difficult to sort out. A few years ago, my kneejerk reaction to any uncomfortable feelings would be to get drunk for a month or two until everything got better, which never really worked out...anyway, that option is off the table. I still put honey in my oatmeal and I still put music in my heart so I don't think I'm having a 'crisis', just a mild and cyclical recession.
The country , on the other hand, I think is fucked.

Luckily for me, I have a weekly radio show where I can use music as a sort of two-hour stream -of-consciousness plea for help.


Pete Seeger-Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
Push on! Anyone who knows this song ( old folks, mostly) knows what I'm talkin' about.

Black Sabbath w/ M.L.King & D.D.Eisenhower-War Pigs
Last night I downloaded audio of two speeches: Martin Luther King's "Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam" and Dwight Eisenhowers1960 farewell, ak.a. the "Military- Industrial Complex Speech" .
I culled a couple of choice snippets from each one and strategically inserted these soundbites into Black Sabbath's classic "War Pigs". Then I played the resulting mix on the radio.

I'm a pretty lucky guy when I think about it. Not many people get to do that.

Velvet Underground- Train Round the Bend
I mean, right?

Warren Zevon- Roll With the Punches
It's sorta out of my control at this point.

James Brown- I'm A Greedy Man
Get up!

The Frames- Giving It All Away

Led Zeppelin -Over the Hills and Far Away
Does this song have a happy ending? Does anything?

Savoy Brown- Take it Easy
What's the hurry? The world won't end tonight, so tell me what's the worry?

Neil Young -Revolution Blues
Neil Angry Young Man from 1974, he's a barrel of laughs with his carbine on.

Run DMC- Take The Money and Run
Run DMC rappin' the old Steve Miller robbery tune. I'm not even trying to be subtle by this point.

Carrie Rodgriguez- The Big Mistake
Which one? There are so many.

Yes- Long Distance Runaround
Directly before this song I read a public service ad from the Va. Dept. of Transportation giving info on how to obtain maps and travel info. Just what I needed-more irony.

Angelfish- The End
Wow. This song is kinda sad.

Cursive- Am I Not Yours?
Wow. This song is kinda angry and sad.

Eleni Mandell- He Thinks He's In Love
Wow. This song is kinda neurotic and sad.

Garbage- Cup of Coffee
Wow. This song is sorta psychotic and sad.

Joan as Policewoman- Eternal Flame
Now I get it.

Osibisa- Music for Gong Gong
Time for upbeat horns and syncopated percussion, no angst at all. It's like the crackers at a wine tasting.

Patti Smith- Free Money
I do love Patti.

Bruce Cockburn- Waiting for a Miracle
So is it:
A) Good things come to he who waits?
B) He who hesitates is lost?

Hope to hear from ya soon! Unless it's already too late.

XTC- Miniature Sun
I'm not the same now.

Nina Hagen- Russian Reggae
What the heck is a "Soviet Union"?

Emily Autumn- Dead is the New Alive
"Obsession with death becomes your life"...well, gosh. At least it's got interesting guitars.

Suicidal Tendencies- Depression and Anguish
Dude. I mean, really. Don't you have any happy songs?

Lou Reed- What's Good
Dude.That's not what I meant.

Ben Harper- Steal My Kisses
Well, it's easy to dance to.

Blue Oyster Cult- Career of Evil
Actually, that was a pretty therapeutic show. I feel better, anyway. I hope you enjoyed it.


yellowdog granny said...

i was going to listen today but i fell into a coma...dang!

billy pilgrim said...

but never before has the planet had more billionaires.

Anonymous said...

Well. Isn't that and intriguing post!

Susannity said...

I'm disappointed in the amount of oink in the rescue bill.

Sling said...

That feeling you describe is like when you dream you're standing in front of the whole class naked.
You're not sure how you got there,and there's no graceful way out.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Well, you know my feelings on the damn fucking bailout. LOL at Billy Pilgrim!

Love the list. Almost all my favorites bands--I remember hearing Lou live, singing that song. I bet he'd like your list.

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