Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Country For Sick People

I thought that I was getting better, but I'm not. The stuff that I'm coughing up is scaring me. I need serious medicine. Hot tea and good wishes are not enough. I know from experience what dying feels like and I'm getting very close. I do not want to die yet.

So I called my doctor and was told that he was no longer able to extend credit. If I didn't have insurance, I would have to pay on arrival. I won't have any money until next Thursday but I'm pretty sure I'll be dead by then, so I needed another option.

Free Clinic? Call back on Monday to make an appointment for the following week. Again, that is outside the time-frame of plausible survivability.

I would almost rather die than ask my brother or my friends for any more money- it's a source of shame for me, but it is better than death-I resigned myself to making some after-work calls.
A 42-year old man with a full-time job should be able to pay for a doctor, but I can't. I bring home less than $7.50 an hour after taxes and am perpetually broke despite eating all my meals at home and almost never buying anything except food and gasoline. I'm hardly the only one in America who lives like this and I really shouldn't feel sorry for myself, but I've been sick as hell for almost two weeks and it's weighing me down emotionally. I feel like worthless, helpless crap.

Unbeknownest to me, one of my co-workers, 'G', had been making some calls on my behalf. He found a charity clinic that travels to different parts of town, setting up temporary clinics for the uninsured...they will be near my workplace on Friday and my boss has given me the OK to take the morning off. Friday seems pretty far-off but it's better than waiting two weeks for the Free Clinic.

I was going to follow this tale of woe with a scathing essay on the state of American healthcare but I'm not feeling well enough to finish writing it.


Enemy of the Republic said...

I'm sorry you are sick and even sorrier that you are sick in this country. The stories I could share...

Sling said...

Can't you go to a County General hospital emergency room?..It's been my experience that that can't refuse you.
Of course,there's the whole 10 hour wait before you see the doctor,but they will bill you later.

yellowdog granny said...

i'm with sling..go to the emergency room..they have to see you..and they will bill you later..i would have gone but it's 30 miles from here and figured i'd croak before i got getting some 'good anitbitics' and have two refills..will send you my second weeks supply as i wont' need them now that i know what the fuck i have..

Anonymous said...

Oh Allen,

Please go to an ER...don't worry about the bill. Don't Die. Screw them & the bill. Trust me, the people who work the ER do not care if you can pay or not. Act like you are dying...I'm not kidding you. Do it. Just take care of put it off long enough.

billy pilgrim said...

have you ever been diagnosed with pneumonia?

the emergency ward would be the place to go, sounds like you might need a chest x-ray.

yinyang said...


No dying, now! It's not allowed.

Allan said...

I think it's bronchitis. I used to get it every winter when I was living the bad life- just needs heavy antibiotics. My brother is going to help me out so I'm calling my doc in the morning.

Thanks for the concernifications. You guys are great. I love y'all too much to die.

Lyzard said...

I'm a bit late getting to this post, but glad to see that dying has been strictly forbidden. I tend to get bronchitis almost every winter and I know how very horrendous it is.

I hope you're feeling better soon. Please keep us posted.

NYD said...

I read this post earlier while at work, but couldn't reply.

First I want to thank you for a truly well thought out comment to my most recent post. Even if you are sick, your brain is working fine.

I feel badly that you can't get any medical attention at all. It is a truly sad state of affairs when you can't get decent medical treatment when you need it.

Do whatever you have to do to get a doctor to look at you and deal with it later.

AC@45 said...

Allan good to hear you going .. it took me two weeks to get over the bronchitis I had a month ago, don't let it get to much control.

must suck about insurance, we have health care here in Canada, not always the best service, the Dr's are screwed over when it comes to what they can make, but at least we are covered, you just have to have a family doctor .. the young ones all go to the states so they can make more money.


If McCain wins all of the Dems should just move up to Canada..

we've got plenty of room and another 160 Million people would look great on our resume.

Susannity said...

Well I don't know Allan, do you live in the 'real Virginia' or are you too far northern Virginia?

Obama's healthcare plan won't be the cure all, but it's in the right direction and beats McCain's I-hope-you-don't-have-preexisting-conditions-deregulated-bend-over-for-insurance-companies-taxing-your-premiums health care plan.