Saturday, November 08, 2008

Good Mourning Happiness, Bonjour Tristesse

The picture above was 'liberated' from the NASA widget on this blog's sidebar. The photographer was shooting a pic of some sort of giant-ass outdoor party and by pure chance, happened to catch a meteor as it exploded in the atmosphere. That was a once-in-a lifetime moment, but then again, they all are.

Obama has only been President-elect for a few days and I've already got health care and a new, better job- plus I have a radio show, which is usually the highlight of my week...this week was so good, my show only came in fourth or fifth on my personal List of Awesome.
It was great show, nonetheless.

The New Breakfast Snob, Nov 8, 2008

Pretty Things- She Says Good Morning
From S.F. Sorrow, a very important record that gets a lot of cognoscenti cred but little else.

Arctic Monkeys- Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend
Well, yeah, you could look at it that way.

Garbage- Sex Is Not The Enemy
Or then again, maybe it's more like this.

Damien Dempsey- Teachers
You can learn a lot from music. Last night, for example, I learned to love this song. It wasn't hard to do. I love Irish Reggae with a positive message about music...and this fits that bill.
Note to 'you know who you are': I do owe you. Thank you!

Dead Smiling Pirates- Get Hammered With You
These kids are from Denmark and probably are not old enough to drink in the USA.
Rockin' three-piece punk-pop.

Nina Hagen- I Love Paul
I love Nina a little more than is healthy, I think, and I can't help but express this affection on the public airwaves. Oh well.

Mara Billotte- As I Went Out One Morning
Shout out to BP for the mp3 of MB doing BD's song. Cool bass.

The Frames -Evergreen
I had just finished reading an announcement for the Sierra Club...not exactly where the song is, but the title fits. I'm awash in warm fuzziness listening to this.

Mothers of Invention- Concentration Moon
The recently departed Jimmy Carl Black introduces himself by name in the middle of this song: "Hi. I'm Jimmy Carl Black and I'm the Indian of the group."
On his website, it says "Jimmy doesn't want anybody to be sad." A little bittersweet and melancholy, perhaps, but only for a moment.

Gang Of Four- Natural's Not In It
I cannot stand still during this song.My dance style is a cross between punk 'pogo' and grande mal epilepsy, but it's fun. I hope no one can see me.

T. Rex- 20th Century Boy
Try to sit still,I dare you. Marc Bolan was tapped into the universal tone...he died far too early. Rock in Peace!

Cursive- Rise Up! Rise Up!
This Omaha band rules my world. This is from Happy Hollow, a CD that plays like a novel.

Jim Protector- The Hallmark Channel
From Norway. On my list of favorite bands since late last night, which is the first time I'd heard them.

Pixies- Where Is My Mind?
One of life's great questions. And bands.

Buzzcocks- Ever Fallen In Love? (With Someone You Shouldn't Have)
Another one of those questions.

The Love Kills Theory- The Poverty Of Student Life
"The hypocrites can't see the poverty of student life"
I wish I had Daevid Allen's Banana Moon with me this morning, it would have meshed well with this.
TLKT are my new all-time favorite band since breakfast this morning.

XTC- Cockpit Dance Mixture
XTC are the best band ever.

Wire- It's So Obvious
Wire- Four Long Years
Wire- Hard Currency
Three Wire songs in a row- they have some short ones...Wire have been my favorite band since right after high school. These three songs span thirty years-Wire are old but they have a brand-new and very cool album.

Green Man- She Moves Through The Fair
Green Man play all sorts of styles and it's all very trippy and wonderful. The best band ever.

The Neurons- Sahara Caravan
From Chicago with chimes.

No Restraints- I Was Wrong
The best 1970'S British Prog-Rock concept album of the 21st century is called 'Left Lane' and it was recently recorded by an Oklahoma band called No Restraints. This song works for me on several levels.

Talking Heads- The Good Thing
I used to listen to this on my Walkman while I did my morning paper route in Columbia, Maryland ( a 'planned community' which is described in the song Big Country - fave line: "I wouldn't live there if you paid me"- from the same album)
It was new and I was young.
I'm old now and so is this song. But it's still good.

Elu- Beautiful Things
I feel pretty, but not that pretty.

The Generic Tribe- Seven Pounds
This song warns of the perils inherent of keeping seven pounds of marijuana and a dead body in your car's trunk. Apparently, there is a downside to doing so...who knew?

Melissa Cox- Just Kidding
I didn't mean to play this song, but I'm glad I did. It made me hop up and down in a happy way. Seriously.

Damien Rice-Volcano
Another great Irish songwriter/singer named Damien.

The Pretty Things- Goodbye, Goodbye
I started the show with the 1969 Pretty Things saying 'Good Morning'. I finished it with the 1999 Pretty Things saying 'Goodbye'.

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic about the new job, more money, benefits. And also about the show.

Hey, did you dedicate a song to the blogblast for peace?

yellowdog granny said...

I listened to the first part, was going to call you and say howdy, but babs and i decided to make an assault on the town of sick and cranky, she hasn't had a cigarette in 3 days we were not to be fucked with..when i came back i was so busy enjoying the music and cleaning house i forgot to call..but really did like your play list..was great to clean house to...
im so happy for you sweety...really good news.

NYD said...

Glad to hear that things are going your way.
I totally agree with you about Marc Bolan and Jimmy Black is once again jammin with the man.

angel said...

another awesome list... bolan is one of the many who died too young.
so are we going to hear about what else happened last week?

Allan said...

C-Um, er, I forgot...I mean I dedicated both shows to peace and harmony (except maybe the Nina Hagen)um, erm, ....dammit,I forgot.

JS-Here's to housecleaning! Hip hip hooray! I'm not kidding!

NYD- Played that sucker loud and danced like an idiot, I did!

A- Last week? Well, we had this election tha worked out...and I got health care...and a job...and a gazillion songs from my friend... but I already mentioned all that...did I mention that the Dolphins won?

Anonymous said...

I'm crushed! (But I forgive you because I still love you.)

Citymouse said...

I am very happy for you and the new job. Do you know the date that pic was taken? My daughter said she was something like that on Halloween--- wonder if it was the same