Monday, November 03, 2008

Irony and Wonder

My polling precinct is directly across the street from my apartment building and tomorrow I hope the noise from the crowd wakes me up at dawn- it'll be worth waking early just to know that people are voting- I'll wait as long as it takes to get my vote counted. I've waited eight years for this- a few hours in a line won't kill me.

My boss sent a memo today stating that tomorrow he "wouldn't be closely scrutinizing" our time sheets and that we should make sure to vote...I like that. I fear that some GOP-ish companies may not be so generous- stupidly, there is no law requiring time be given to employees to vote...sure, some voters would abuse such a rule, but most would not, I would like to think. I'd wager that more people would vote if their jobs allowed a few hours off- perhaps workers could submit a copy of their paper ballot to the boss as proof of voting - yet another argument for paper ballots!

Here's some irony: tomorrow afternoon I also have an appointment with an agency to determine if I am eligible to have some "wealth spread around" on me. I could use some Food Stamps, rent-money help and medical care, among other things...I had to collect my financial records and paycheck stubs in order to prepare for the meeting; perusing my banking documents makes me wonder how I've been able to survive lately.

I have a 40-hour -per-week job (at just over 1/3 my year 2000 wage, not adjusted for inflation), I seldom spend money on anything except food, gas and bills/rent and yet I find myself applying for Food Stamps- on Election Day, no less!

A lot depends on who wins this election I'm thinking.

Anyway, I felt my groove coming back during my radio show Saturday; I've been sick and depressed for so long that I've forgotten how music can make me happy (Hi, Jackie Sue!) and I'm hoping that this feeling continues for weeks and years to come...

A small wonder: yesterday, my Dolphins won another football game -I'm hoping for more victories- and not just in football!

Another wonder: Today I got an email from one of the artists that I played on Saturday's show- she congratulated me on my awesome musical selections, of course -she is from Colorado, but after a couple of emails, she told me that she has family right here in my town- perhaps one day I'll have the pleasure of hosting an appearance by her on my radio show. I love having live guests!

In any case, it was gratifying to know that my efforts to promote underappreciated music are not falling on deaf ears, so to speak. I sure wish we had the internet back when I was still musically's really a great way to match musicians with audiences and to share good tunes.
(A tip-o-hat to BP)

Note: Some of you have pointed out that I never have mp3s of music posted, despite being a DJ and musician. There are reasons for this:

- I know the odds are against it, but if I got in trouble it could- in theory- reflect badly on the radio station and I don't want to risk that.

- It takes effort and I'm lazy. (This is the main reason)

-I used to have a personal music site but it got almost no hits. One blogger who did listen got so depressed by my cheerful ditties that she didn't talk to me for nearly a year...curiously, I haven't written a single new song since I quit drinking. Not one song.
Hmmm...perhaps I need to examine that.
Or not.


AC@45 said...

Hopefully your vote turns out better then ours .. we have another 5 years of conservative gov't .. for the first time in our history we had less then 50% turn out, very sad.

Supriseing to hear that there is not law allwoing the right to vote. Companies have to give time off for voteing here.

With whats going on with google pulling music posts without warning, your millenium laws affecting the world .. mp3 bloging doesn't look worth it.

Sling said...

'I was looking up free unlimited porn' and landed here!..Just as well.
You know,I was also under the impression that employers were required to give emplyees time to vote.
Not that it has to be 'on the clock',but they do need to let you go do it.
Is that a State thing?

yinyang said...

I was watching TV late one night a couple of days ago, and I flipped to The Rachel Maddow Show, and she was concerned about the "voting tax" as well.

As far as "spread the wealth around" goes, have you heard about this yet? I hadn't, before today.

"And Alaska we're set up, unlike other states in the union, where it's collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs." Sarah Palin

yellowdog granny said...

I have been on food stamps, got free food from caritas and it's a pain in the ass with all the paper work, sitting in a room with 80-90 women and 200 kids screaming at the top of their lungs.but it really came in handy. You might also call your electric company and telephone co. they sometimes have a reduced rate for po' folk..i get $40 off my phone bill and 10% off my electric you can go to a church near by and some of them have programs to help their members..they don't have to know your not a member.. the baptist church paid my electric bill for me once even after me telling him i was a pagan..ha..
i so enjoyed the music saturday..great music to clean by..
nice to be able to say howdy to you..
in australia, it's a law..eveyone MUST vote..wish that was a law here.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping, hoping, hoping.

angel said...

or not indeed dude! don't even joke!
i like when i pop round here and you sound okay. i was worried about you when you were so sick!

Allan said...

AC- Google does that? Jeez...

Sling- I will sell you free porn...I don't think you can get fired for missing work to vote, but a lot of folks can't afford the hit on the paycheck...I got lucky.

YY- I knew Alaska was semi-Socialist but I didn't know Palin knew it- or that she admitted it.She says the darndest things.

JS- My first visist will be for medical assistance...I'll find out about the rest. I'm afraid of churches though.

C- I hoped, I voted, now I'm hoping...

A- I meant I'd examine why I don't compose music anymore, not that I'd booze again...thanks, I do feel better. I didn't think I was ever gonna mend.

Susannity said...

I was just reading yesterday about Florida or Virginia (can't remember which) and it said the law is voters are allowed 2 hours off for voting. The way they said it, it sounded like it was a state law but not sure.

Hit the food banks Allan. I volunteered in one for awhile to unload and stock the donations in the back and was really surprised what I learned. There is a lot of waste! =( Especially the fresh produce. Tips for your readers - when donating food, macaroni and cheese and chili are the most favs I found. The more unique items like boxed rice pilaf, etc just sit there.

Susannity said...

I also noticed that Richmond and other areas in Virginia are having lots of polling problems reported and they're handing out paper ballots now. =/ Hope you can vote ok today.