Saturday, November 01, 2008

Getting Over It

I tried a different approach on my show this week. Most of the selections are by obscure, independent current bands that I have discovered via the intertube. One of my DJ pals found a website where indie labels and DIY bands can post hi-fi music downloads specifically for radio use- it's called Airplaydirect and I've found quite a bit of new music that tickles my earbone. My status as a globally unknown and locally obscure radio DJ allows me to download as much free - (virus-free as well)- music as I's like Christmas come early!

In case you were one of the 6.5 billion people who missed my show, I present the playlist below:

The New Breakfast Snob Sat Nov.1 , 2008

The Kinks- This Is Where I Belong
I owe a debt of gratitude to a great number of people and some of them are my fellow volunteers at the station. I belong there.

The Old Haunts- Not Hopeless
The band name and song title is ironic, because hopelessness used to be my old haunt. I'm done with hopelessness. Despair can kiss my warm fuzzy ass. This punkish rock band will be getting more play.

Jenn Cleary - Peace In Our World
She's got a bit of Janis Joplin channeling-action going on. Solid stuff. Who knows? One day peace might win...until then, we have music. More to follow.

Jah Works- Hard To Find
Nice UB40ish groove and a positive vibe to match. Diggin' it. Love the Baltimore references!

The Neurons- Pixelated Irish Groove
This is one of the more interesting bands in the latest batch. Lots of variety and it's all somewhat bizarre, which is fine by me. The song title is spot-on.

Kush and Bloodfiyah Angels- The Vibe
It's about the positive power of music. I can so totally relate to this. I hope nobody walks in while I'm dancing around the booth.

Three Feet Up- Trash Day
This husband/wife group started playing as a way for the couple to work through grief after losing their child. They are upbeat, funny and thoughful. I love the lyrics to this song:

It’s the night before trash day
here in the universe
and quietly I walk can to can
hoping my luck will reverse

my soul is in need of something
that’s not all under one roof
in the dumpster behind all the churches
i look for a morsel of truth

cause trash day's my holy day
i feed my soul what they throw away
in my spiritual transformation
one man's trash is another's salvation

you can learn a lot about people
by the things they reject
philosophies opinions and their dreams
are all out here for me to inspect
so I give ‘em a spin for what it’s worth
maybe some of it will work for me
if so it goes in my odd collection
if not it goes back on the street

they say all paths lead to God
and I say that’s a relief
cause my trash can-lined path to Heaven
is far from the standard belief

Flaming Groovies- She's Falling Apart
Old favorite of mine, played from the original Kama Sutra vinyl. Kama Sutra was a record label...

Madi Simmons- Melissa
This guy is good. Reggae, rock , groove...will be playing more.

Elu- Beautiful Things
Some of this groups songs are a little bit "crystal- waving hippie" for my taste, but I am feeling good today and so is the singer of this song.

Steve Hillage- It's All Too Much
Former Gong guitarist does the Beatles song- scratchy old record I've had since high school.

Damien Dempsey- Dublin Town
Combines the best of the sounds and the spirits of Ireland and Jamaica- I can't say enough good things about Damo. Seriously.

ROC- Sanity
I confess. I am a pushover for chicks with loud guitars and sexy beats. Call me crazy.

Green Man- A Conversation With Death
This band rocks my world. there anything they can't do? Stay tuned.

DIGRESSION: I am listening to the radio as I type this. The DJ is playing one of my old bands...I'm listening to myself sing and play guitar, ten, twelve years ago? What a weird feeling...I sure did rock back then. *sigh*

Cardiacs- Is This The Life
I met Schlep, one of my newst real-life friends, through this blog. It turns out we live one block apart- he is the one who turned me onto this obscure but influential UK band. I once read a Cardiacs fan describe the band's music as "comprehension-proof". That's fair.

Atomic Hooligan- Seven Ten Split
They remind of Garbage. The band, not the trash. I like Garbage.

Here Come The Mummies- Ugly
This Tennessee band has some interesting songs. I bet they are good live. More to come.

Big Linda- Glass Onion
From a compilation of various artists doing songs from the Beatle's White Album. Groovin'.

Cursive- Sink to the Beat
As far as I can tell, Cursive are my favorite Omaha band. One of my faves, all around...literate and unpredictable.

Pretty Things- Pure Cold Stone
The Pretties have been recording since before I was born. I'm 42.

Lady Mercedes- Sounding Sweetly Evil
Nice solid rocker- dig the vocals. Look for more.

The Frames- Angel At My Table
Australian favorites of mine.

Melissa Cox- Just Kidding
Starts off pretty and then it gets you dancing withthe leprechauns- I think the title must be a pun on the song's arrangement. Very nice. Cox has a great voice but she doesn't sing on this instrumental...stay tuned.

Reno Divorce-Behind Closed Doors
Rockin'. Only song I could find, but I'll keep trying.


yellowdog granny said...

all i know is it was great music to clean house by..thanks..

Merelyme said...

wow...i need some new music to listen to. i will save this list.

schlep said...

I like the Old Haunts (the group that is)!
Keep on spinning those scratchy records.

billy pilgrim said...

obscure would describe them to me.

do their lyrics rhyme?

Allan said...

JS- thanks for calling! It was great to hear from you!

Me- I'll send you some if you wish.

Schlep- Cool! I wiil.

BP- Do they have to?

Beth said...

So sorry about yesterday! I think I need a new battery for my phone. It keeps dying after only a couple minutes into the conversation.

How all is well.

Beth said...

So sorry about yesterday! I think I need a new battery for my phone. It keeps dying after only a couple minutes into the conversation.

How all is well.

Allan said...

B- That's OK. Did you notice I used the Dirtwoman postcard you sent me?

angel said...

dude, the effort you go to to find new music and promote it is simply awesome!!!
love the selection!