Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks, Whatever

I suppose I'm obliged to write something today about how much my family means to me or how lucky I am to be alive and blessed with the friends and opportunities I have; but the truth is I feel like that every day, except for the days I don't.

I don't need a holiday to remind me that, by all rights, I should be dead now and it's only luck, help and determination that got me this far.

And anyway, my family (with exceptions) annoys the hell out of me. I learned from one of my new co-workers that my Uncle has a huge X-mas party every year- a decades-long tradition- my new pal noted that :"there's an awful lot of drinking at those parties."

It's funny that Uncle would have an annual Holiday party and not even mention it to me...maybe it's for my self-preservation. His wife and in-laws to say this politely? Unbearable?

I never stop being grateful for my friends either. I'll be spending this evening with my friend Ron and his family, which will be much, much better than staying home alone.

Instead of going Hallmark on easy targets, I'm gonna give thanks to some things that don't receive enough appreciation.


Without these sticky little bastards it would be impossible to make a proper green sauce...well, not impossible, but it wouldn't be the same. The best tomatilloes I ever purchased were from a market in Chicago...they aren't sold in some "white" neighborhoods here, but that is slowly changing as more people become aware of the waxy goodness of these unsung crab-apple look-a-likes. I'm always thankful when I can find fresh tomatilloes.


My first-ever band was in high school and my twin brother used suitcases and trashcans for drums. At our one-and-only nightclub gig, the drummer from the main band let the Twin use his kit. The Twin had never been behind a "real" drumset before in his life. It was that kind of band.

Anyway, from time to time I encounter bands that use luggage as percussion and I'm always grateful for the good-spirited nostalgia that accompanies their baggage.
(Tech note : A SM58 works better than the D112 pictured above)


I think Blue speaks for itself. Thanks, Blue!


That's it. Enjoy the days.


AC@45 said...

I like blue .. thank you

Citymouse said...

Amen -- I am thankful for your blog---:)

Have a great day and eat way too much!

billy pilgrim said...

god bless you, mr allanwater.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Thanksgiving is a day that doesn't exist, yet exists every day. I don't often see it.

more cowbell said...

Oh, I love the blue!

yellowdog granny said...

I'm thankful your my friend....

Sling said...

It's about time tomatillos got the recognition they deserved.
Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

Allan said...

AC- yw!

CM- Same to ya!

BP- I fear I am growing Weary.

E- Thanksgiving is Schrodinger's Pumpkin. Linus grokked that.

MC- It's a significant hue.

JS- Same to ya!

S-Happy Days to you too!
(Crap! Did I spell tomatillos wrong? Color me Quayle)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, there are no real obligations for blog posts. But I like the idea of remmebering to be thankful for the odd things in life. Me, I'm thankful for cinnamon candies.