Thursday, February 12, 2009

That Was Close

I feel betrayed over President Obama's choice of anti-labor, anti-Census Republican Senator Judd Greg to head the Dept. of Commerce. Gregg once called for the dismantling of the Dept. of Commerce, which includes the Bureau that I work for. My new boss considers my job to be an unnecessary waste of potential tax cuts and he has a history of voting against funding for my Bureau...there's suddenly a knife in my back and a sword over my head.

...what's that?

Gregg withdrew?

Hmm. The TV news is making Gregg's decision sound like a bad thing, "another Obama Cabinet meltdown" etc etc, but I think it the best news I've heard since I got my job.

Nevertheless, my already under-funded office is facing some serious turmoil ahead. My computer was taken away and given to Payroll because they don't have enough PCs... that's OK, I have no internet or email and now that my department has been shut down, I don't need to maintain a running database on Excel any longer. Plus, I want Payroll to have all the PCs they need.

I have been reassured by several managers that my job is secure, but I am still anxious as hell. I may have to switch departments, but I have already been approached by two bosses, so it looks like I'll have a bit of leeway- my hard work might be paying off. It's nice to be recognized like that. Most of my clerks are being moved to the not-yet-open Help Desk and it looks like I will be spared that particular task.

My system and my staff have busted our asses to find jobs for hundreds of local residents , with many more to come- it would be ironic if we got laid of as a result of our hard work.

I do feel better after hearing that Gregg quit. I hope it's a good omen.


yellowdog granny said...

it would really be crappy if you got laid off for doing your job so well..

Enemy of the Republic said...

No tears in my beer for Gregg's loss. I was surprised at Daschle (sp) as I know Obama wanted him and was willing to look over the taxes--it would have bothered me simply because I'm so pissed about the bailout, but at the same time Daschle is competent and could have helped health care. I wish he had cleaned up his act prior to the election as he must have known that Obama wanted him in the Cabinet. Gregg is not much and I think he was picked so that Obama could show he was bi-partisan.

whimsical brainpan said...

I hope so too.

billy pilgrim said...

work your fingers to the bone and what do you get?

boney fingers.

Craig D said...
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Craig D said...

Good luck with hangin' in there.

We've started treading on some banana peels out my way, but I still have a computer.

So far.

Anonymous said...

I know Obama is trying to bridge th etwo parties, and that's a good thing but there are some Republicans who just don't need to be given any more power.

angel said...

i have an award for you dude...